Analyses of data from questionnaires Essay

The field research I completed provided me with some interesting results. The results are detailed below in graph format with a brief explanation and evaluation for each. I tried to ask a wide variety of people as I wanted to represent the country fairly and by asking people from different social, political and professional backgrounds I believe I have achieved this.The questionnaires where given to a random selection of people from different ages and professions.

I hoped by doing this my result would be more representative of the UK as a whole, having said this I realised that there may be differentiations in the results from different graphical areas.The ages are quite varied but unfortunately almost half of the people who answered the questionnaire fitted into the later age bracket. If this was the other way round I am positive the results would be different. By asking older people it represents the UK because ‘the majority of car sales in the UK are to professional people over 35’ – www. majority of people I asked did own a car but the opinions of those who don’t own cars are still very important as they may be looking to buy within the next year or so.Surprisingly most people said environmental issues ere most important.

This may be because modern society has made a demand for more environmentally friendly product especially cars. Alternatively it could just be the individual’s view. The nest popular were looks and speed/sports. These options were chosen by the younger people.

The majority of people said they wouldn’t consider environmental issues such as fuel emission because many went under the view that ‘All these extra environmentally friendly things they put on your car make it more expensive to buy and they just aren’t as fun.’ – Mr Wright, 33, Accountant. This view could be damaging for a company like Toyota who specialise in environmentally friendly cars.Many people disagreed with paying more for an environmentally friendly car.Every one who answered the questionnaire said they would pay more for a more economical car.

‘If it’s going to save me money in the long run surely it’s a good investment.’ – Mrs Young, 47, Secretary.With fuel prices rising dramatically due to extra taxing etc. all the participants agreed a more economical car would save them money in the long run, even if it cost more to start with.A lot of the people answering the questionnaire were put of by the unreliability of electric cars and the hassle of having to plug it in or recharge the batteries. Those who said they would be interested in buying an electric car said do for environmental reasons.

People were against the duel fuel concept because they could see a reliability issue. Also many of them didn’t understand the concept and this really put them off.Conclusion to my questionnaireMany people are put of by being environmentally friendly with cars.

This is mainly because they perceive it to be expensive or un-reliable. Toyota now has a problem with a large majority being against there new concept engine. This is mainly because of a perceived expense, beliefs of it being unreliable and not understanding how it works. To solve this problems Toyota needs to complete some simple marketing that will show the advantages of the engine and how expensive it really is.

Also they need to explain to the public how the Hybrid Synergy Drive engine works and how it is serviced etc. by doing this Toyota could dramatically improve both public awareness if the benefits of the engine and improve sales figures and profits.


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