Analysis of “Evaluations” and “When Done for Thee” Essay

Alfredo Elfren Litiatco was born on July 9. 1908 in Manila to Kapampangan and Tagalog parents. He was a poet. an litterateur. a short narrative author.

a critic and an editor. He discovered such authors as Ligaya Victorio-Reyes and Estrella Alfon-Rivera while he was the literary editor of the Graphic.He used to be called the “Ariel of Philippine Letters. ” He was besides called by celebrated author Manuel Viray as “one of the foremost practicians of light poetry in the Philippines.

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” and Jose Garcia Villa ranked him as “among the best short narrative authors in the Philippines. ”His verse form “Evaluations” is about how he had observed his reactions to certain state of affairss. The verse form starts with how he would respond when he treads upon a worm wherein he squirms.

and the following is when he sees Canis familiariss handled severely. he curses. The 3rd state of affairs is when he fumes at Equus caballuss being punished by a rich adult male or its groom. As he progressed through the verse form.

his reactions to these state of affairss are graduated as he went up the biological ladder. But so at the terminal of the verse form. he said he would non shout if some people he knew died. By this clip.

the reader would hold expected that his emotions would be much stronger towards these people who he referred to. but he really doesn’t care a spot for these people.He uses the word “some” to measure up the noun people. to stress that he wouldn’t experience that manner about all people. but merely for some. Possibly bad people. felons.

people who don’t attention about anyone but themselves. Or possibly he had some people in head who he hated really much. It could hold been personal. people he knew really good. or people he had heard about from the intelligence or from some other people.

like the celebrated 1s or those in power. He thought some people were undeserving of what they have or who they are. and this is what his verse form attempts to convey.His verse form “When Done for Thee” is a love verse form.

dedicated to a really particular individual. as the rubric suggests. The word in the rubric. “thee” is used to mention to person of important significance. like when we use it when speaking to God in supplication.

The verse form could hold been for God. but he clarified in the 2nd stanza that he is speaking about a individual. So Litiatco regarded this individual really extremely. In the first stanza. he wrote how undistinguished gestures can intend so much when done for that individual. He farther expounded on this in the 2nd stanza wherein he gave illustrations of these little undertakings: “picking up a hankie. Or drawing out a chair” .

This stanza besides supports the thought that the verse form is for a individual and non for God because of the illustrations of the undertakings that he gave. that one would merely make for another individual. In the last stanza. he demonstrated in another manner the importance of that individual to him. He showed that he is greatly inspired by that individual. He wrote that he wants to do out of something for himself and it is that individual who pushes him to make his best ( “If essayed in thy name” ) .

Much of his verse forms were dedicated to his married woman. and his lone book entitled With Harp and Sling was published shortly after his decease in 1943. This is a thin volume incorporating his best verse form. In his preface for his book. he boasts of his sonnets as “among the better 1s in the full scope of universe literature” while his light poetry “has no equal in the Philippines.


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