Analysis of “Lost” by Isaac Bashevis Singer Sample Essay

Kenneth Rexroth has said of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s works that they seem to exemplify a specific position of the universe. He described this theory on life stating that “life itself is haunted…We all live in the shadowy frivolous universe of a spiritualistic seance… The point is that someplace at the bosom of world something is running down. ” At first this seems to be merely an facile chef-d’oeuvre of a sentence but is it backed by truth? In my modest sentiment I think that everything we live and every twenty-four hours we live is slightly supernatural. It merely doesn’t seem that manner because it’s been go oning for so long that it has all become natural to us.

The manner the universe keeps turning and people keep traveling. The manner the race perpetuates itself and that the nutrient supply isn’t every bit bad as it technically could be.These things are brainsick if you think about them and even though modern engineering has discovered a batch of the “whys” it all still can’t cease to astonish me. We know the Torahs of nature and of attractive force and the theories of development and psychological science. Yet we don’t know why things ever work out.

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non needfully good. but however for every agency there is an terminal. We don’t know why bad things happen to good people or truly why anything of all time happens at all. We are so populating in a “shadowy” universe where we think we know what is traveling on but where we can’t even attach a significance to our being. Too many of us think that we have got it all figured out merely to recognize in the concluding yearss that we had been populating blind.Despite my sentiment that life in itself is supernatural I recognize the possibility that there are grades of paranormal. For illustration. to cite Singer from Lost “hidden powers that no 1 can explicate be everyplace.

” There is the supernatural that we see but don’t recognize and so there is the supernatural that hovers about us without our cognition. Finally. there is the incomprehensible supernatural which we largely avoid because as worlds we reject that which we can non specify.

I agree with Rexroth’s sentiment of Singer’s work and with the doctrine behind it. The supernatural does be in some signifier and should be acknowledged even if we can’t explicate it.In Lost the supporter spent his full life after the actual loss of his married woman seeking to work out the mystery. Did he of all time find existent peace? He succumbed to the supernatural and accepted the fact that he will non ever have the replies. In summing up.

I think that we should all retrieve that when something is non a “no” and non a “yes” that it is decidedly a “maybe. ” Possibly the occult is out at that place or maybe it is right here or possibly it is nowhere to be found at all but the point folks is that an unfastened head is a learning head. I beseech you to consciously open your heads because merely in this manner can a piece of the supernatural cuneus itself indoors.


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