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“Group formation” may sound quite explicable yet it is way more than the word itself. Building a group formation meaner gathering of individuals whose aims, interests and goals are parallel. They organize themselves harmoniously to work or act together as one. These individuals may have similar likes and dislikes but one things for sure, these people have something in common. In the movie X-men: First Class, group formation was highly focused. It is because he history and the beginning of the formation of X-men all first started in this movie.

It is where different people with special abilities called mutants where gathered and grouped together to be trained for them to use it as it should be. Forming In the first part, when the CIA knew that Shaw was planning to start a war between the Russia and USA, they went to Charles and convinced him to team up with them. Then, when they were about to get Shaw and his people, Charles/Professor X felt through his power that there was someone out there trying to get Shaw too and that taunt was Erik/Magneto. Charles then stopped Erik because he thought that he’ll die if he continues to do it.

At first, Erik was doubtful about teaming up with Charles but later, he saw that Charles has good intentions and he thought that they were the same and so he felt that he belonged to him and his team so after a while, Erik was finally convinced and that was the time when they became friends. And because Erik was also a mutant, they’ve agreed to Join forces and search for other mutants that could help them defeat Shaw. They’ve searched all around the city until they were eight namely Angel, Havoc, Darwin, Banshee, Raven/Mystique, McCoy/Beast Magneto and Professor X.

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Storming After gathering the mutants, they were placed at the CIA office, in a room where all of them can stay. They started introducing themselves, naming their aliases and showing the abilities. These mutants was already letting themselves be known without hiding anything because they felt that they belong to that group, that they are different in a way that they are special people with unbelievable powers and they’re not alone so lit encouraged all of them to believe and love themselves. This was the time when they get to appreciate their class.

So they then started playing and having fun with their powers when Erik, Charles and Agent Megastar saw and scolded them for being childish and immature. Morning After all the meetings and plans, they all have now fully understood the task they are about to make. All of them are now determined to defeat Shaw so they went into Charles’ family mansion and started training themselves, maximizing their abilities and controlling it. And because they’ve already gained trust and faith, the mutants also start d helping each other.

This was a very good improvement to each and every one, physically and emotionally because the bond made them so much stronger especially to Erik who had hidden so much to himself. Charles helped him to control his emotions and distinguish between serenity and rage to control his power. All of realized that they’ve got a responsibility and that made them feel that they are not different in a bad manner and they started to believe in themselves that they can do it, that together as a team, they will win. Performing The final moment has arrived.

The war begins when Charles and the other taunts showed the military that Shaw was the one who was in charge of putting a nuclear bomb in Cuba. And while the other mutants were also battling with the other mutants on Shaw side, Charles and Erik stopped Shaw by destroying the ship going to Cuba but still it wasn’t enough. Shaw got a plan B and this was to set himself as the nuclear. This time, Erik thought about his past and got his vengeance. His emotions shifted into the bad side and forgot about what they’ve planned in the first place.

For him, he thought that he had already a chance to avenge the death of his other and because his love for his mother is greater than anything, he became rage and only thought about himself so he killed Shaw with a coin that also killed his mother. After that, Charles got very disappointed about what happened. Adjourning When the USA and Russia decided and agreed to kill the mutants instead, Erik controlled the bombs and missiles through his powers and made it go back to the ships so it would detonate and kill all of those men. But Charles doesn’t want it.

He doesn’t want him to kill those innocent men who were Just following orders. He is not n favor of what Erik is doing because he wanted him to be the better man because he understood what Erik was going through. But Erik never listened. Though Charles was trying his best to stop him, he continued. So, Agent Megastar shoots Erik but still, he ignored it until one of the bullets went straight to Charles spine when Erik tried to shield the bullets that were directed to him. Charles got his legs paralyzed. That was the time they’ve both realized that they wanted different things.

Charles wanted to belong and bring peace and Erik wants to be against the world. Though hey know they were really friends, they can never be together as a team. So Erik went off with the other mutants while the mutants who believed in Charles remained with him. In the movie, there was also a part wherein Raven, thinking that McCoy likes her in her natural form or the human form she is using, tells him not to use the cure on both of them that was told to bring change to their appearances without affecting their powers. She told McCoy that she has accepted herself in her blue for and that she is proud to be a mutant.

She told him that they did not exist to fit in and be like he other normal human beings because they are different, they are special and they have powers and that is a blessing and that he should also accept himself for what he is Just like the other mutants. Society is never pleased. When Raven later attempts to seduce Erik by taking different forms of various women, Erik instead tells her that she is beautiful, that she is beautiful in her true blue mutant form. But still in the end, McCoy still uses the cure on himself but it backfires, and turned him into a beast, the mutant tort nee was meant


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