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Freddy “Ace” Anderson The supporter of “Ace in the Hole.

” Ace is a deeply down hubby and male parent who reminisces often about his clip as a high-school hoops star.Evey Ace Anderson’s matter-of-fact married woman. She is Roman Catholic and alternates quickly between friendly irony and vengefulness.Ace’s mother Ace’s female parent watches her granddaughter.

Bonnie. while Ace and Evey are at work. She loves her boy.

supporting him when he gets fired. while invariably kicking about Evey.Goldman Ace Anderson’s former foreman who fires him for a parking bad luck before the narration of “Ace in the Hole” begins.Bonnie Ace Anderson’s infant girl.Coach Behn Ace Anderson’s high-school hoops manager. Ace thinks of him frequently and lovingly.Sammy A 19-year-old teller at an A & A ; P supermarket.

and the storyteller of “A & A ; P. ” He quits his occupation in a tantrum of adolescent angst and sexual attractive force.Stokesie A male teller at A & A ; P.Queenie A beautiful immature adult female who shops at the A & A ; P with her friends have oning nil but a bathing suit.McMahon The meatman at A & A ; P.Lengel The priggish director of A & A ; P.

David Kern The fourteen-year-old chief character of “Pigeon Feathers. ” He is consumed by frights of mortality. and seeks out replies in books. at church. and in the natural universe.Elsie Kern David’s kindly mother. who appreciates nature and is closely attuned to the people around her.George Kern David’s overbearing male parent is a school teacher with a really negative mentality on life.

He hates populating on a farm and resents his wife’s affinity for organic agriculture.Granmom David Kern’s maternal grandma. who lives with his household and is afflicted by Parkinson’s disease.Reverend Dobson The Lutheran curate of the Kerns’ church. He is unable to give equal replies when David inquiries him about the hereafter in Sunday school.Boyer The affluent adult male from whom the Kerns bought their farm.Anita Haier David’s Sunday school schoolmate.

She giggles at his inquiries during category. Her male parent. caput of the most influential household in Firetown.

drops David off after category.Richard Maple “Separating” is told from the position of its supporter. Richard Maple. a hubby and male parent to four kids.Joan Maple The earthy but self-involved married woman and female parent in “Separating. ”Judith Maple The sophisticated firstborn Maple girl who has merely returned from analyzing abroad in “Separating. ”Dickie Maple The second-eldest Maple kid.

He has merely started college and is at place for the summer. He works at a golf class. Richard refers to him as his “conscience. ”John Maple Richard and Joan’s youngest boy John is 15 at the clip of “Separating.

” He acts jejunely when told of his parents’ split and is more concerned with get awaying his ain suffering experiences at school.Margaret Maple The youngest Maple kid. 13.Fogel Fogel is an cranky 62-year-old adult male and the chief character of “Short Easter.

” He is really witting of his ripening and is plagued by memories of lost chances.Fogel’s married woman Fogel’s spry. energetic married woman often nags him to make jobs and abandon his “doddery” old-man wonts. Although she is arguably more vernal than he is. Fogel nevertheless longs for a younger married woman who would hold more understanding for his jobs.

The Allisons The hosts of the brunch Fogel attends with his married woman in “Short Easter. ”Like 4people like this. Be the first of your friends.A & A ; P and Other Narratives: Major Themes A & A ; P and Other Narratives: Questions A & A ; P and Other Narratives: Buy the Novel and Related Material John Updike: BiographyA & A ; P and Other Stories Summary About A & A ; P and Other Narratives Character List Glossary of Footings Major Themes Quotes and Analysis Summary and Analysis of Ace in the Hole Summary and Analysis of A & A ; P. Part 1 Summary and Analysis of A & A ; P. Part 2 Summary and Analysis of A & A ; P.

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