Android vs. Iphone Essay

Google Android vs. iPhone Sheridan O’Day I believe most would agree that although the iPhone was not the first smartphone on the market, in 2007 it definitely impacted the technology and even the business world.

Wrapping together every function and feature possible into one package, the iPhone set individuals on a craze to get their hands on the next best thing. I can still recall people doing whatever humanly possible, whether it be winning a contest through the radio or internet, just to say they owned the first iPhone.After that, it was almost as though you were in the VIP section of the technology universe. Today, people immediately assume you own the Apple product, and are somewhat looked down upon like some peasant using anything otherwise. Less than a year later, the “smartphone wars” began as Google introduced the Android; the open source smartphone platform linked with the world’s largest search engine website. As an Android advocate, the debate still arises drawing disputes among fellow friends and colleagues as I teeter-totter between the pros and cons of both devices.

The argument commonly begins by discussing the features recognizing that equally, the two are perfectly capable of downloading applications, music, movies, e-books, etc. However, then it becomes a bit more challenging. The Android provides full access to any and all applications available upon Google Play (the application store), most of which are free to download, where as Apple holds a tight hardware and software system causing some complications.In order for an iPhone user to download certain apps, you must remove the limitations by using “jail-breaking” thus giving access to third party applications.

Restoring your phone will then remove the jailbreak, then acquiring the user to begin the process over again. On the other hand, Android phones lack elements as the company tends to be slow relating to receiving the latest and greatest features. Some applications may be unavailable on Google Play and may take up to months before the company provides it for the public.Overall, it is a tie between the two involving features. The next argument generally brought to attention is the hardware program itself.

Specs on the Android are alive and well containing a massive hardware system, but may vary from owner to owner but are easily relevant to every customer. Screen size, screen density, screen brightness, camera speed, camera megapixels, physical dimensions, physical weight, amount of memory and battery life are all important aspects even to the average user.Although iPhones are most definitely simple, well designed products, the monotone devices are relatable to the story of Goldilocks, coming in only small, medium and large contributing only a small percentage of what technology has created. The highly customizable Android operating system delivers all of your greatest answers powered through Google intelligence between texts, web searching, weather, Facebook and emails over one single thread. Even better, providing expandable storage allowing limitless space with a microSD card, denying no individual of how many pictures they may contain or emails one can save.The only flaw I’d agree upon the iPhone’s operating system would come down to Apple’s iMessage where various individuals have the ability to communicate through a single band of messages (similar to a chat room). Another aspect the iPhone has over the Google phone is the longer battery life due to the phone’s size; this is preventable for an Android operator, however one must kill or shut down applications in order for their battery life to survive for an extended period of time.

The iPhone may provide little quirks to simplify tasks, but the Android’s hardware system kicks the iPhone to curb.Customer service remains the most important area regarding both phones. Apple rules supreme hiring “geniuses” resolving any and all problems to unsatisfied or unhappy customers through walk-in service. Androids hold various carriers such as the Samsung or LG, the technical difficulties may become endless due to the complexity of the product. You might ask yourself “Well, why would I buy such a phone then? ” however the slight setbacks are slim and somewhat rare; most if not all phone companies will repair the issue without a problem with the right phone plan.Drawbacks of an iPhone usually only come down to constant screen cracking, something the Android has a better advance over. Unforntunetly, the iPhone wins this category due to their excellent customer support.

Choosing the right smartphone wisely comes mainly down to varying the pros and cons of each device. You mainly need to ask yourself, would you rather have the full momentum of a phone providing all of your basic needs or just what is trendy in today’s society?


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