Angry Gerbil – Invation of the Gerbils Essay

Some yeas ago I was living in a run down apartment. The land lord was a “slumlord“ who would  hassle people  in the building.This generic garbage-head idiot thought he was king shit  threatening other tenants who lived there.This phycopathic cock sucker preyed on other peoples misery and enjoyed it very much. One time he evicted a mother and Her three kids out into the street when it was -10 degrees out side.This guy was a fucking monster who could careless about his fellow man and had a very cold heart indeed.He even kicked a downe syndrome couple out into the cold of winter and  had no where to go and  ended up freezing to death  in the bitter cold..Later I found out  He had a violent sexual lust for gay Downe syndrome cocks  and was cought red-handed by one of the social workers performing oral sex with one of them in the fuckin janatorial closet.!!!. Jesus fucking Christ whats the matter with peaple.!!!

This slumlord pervert is going to get get whats coming,,- for it is well over due.One day I bought some gerbils for pets, I love these little creatures  very much and always thought that they were very adorable pets. . I soon found out how destructive that these little critters can be as they would chew up my furniture ,the carpet,electrical wiring and so on,so I had to keep them locked up so that they would not destroy my apartment,but I have to say that they are indeed very adorable pets.One day I made the decision to set them free around my apartment and within the space of two months they began breeding out of control until there was about 53 of them rolling around my place and making one hell of a mess of my apartment.They chewed their way inside of the sofa and the chairs and at night you could hear them chewing on everything they could,- but I did managed to keep them confined to my own apartment for a very long time.

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The slum lord found about this and gave to me an eviction notice to get the hell out by the end of the month and not even myself ,but as well as others who did not deserve it.This slumlord was one of the most lowest lifeforms I have ever seen in my life. Before he kicked me out I felt that I had to get my revenge for all of the rotten things he has done to people.This scum even forced some old man to suck his cock because he was late with the rent going on two months and then he beat the shit out of him until he was in a physical wreck.Everybody seemed to hate this fucking asshole who cared not about anything at all except himself and his little bum buddy Duncan who was this low life who would suck off the land lord for rent.There was a time when he was bothering me very much and I began to think up of ways to get even with this fucking goof.Some time later he gave me an eviction notice to be out within a week.

Now this pissed me off very much and I was thinking of ways to get revenge against this lump of shit who was intimidating the other tenets of the building and making threats to every body-,I mean who the hell does this man think he is any way? .Many of the tenants began to deeply hate this man so much for bringing much hardship into peoples lives.At around this time I was raising and breeding gerbils and they were breeding out of control. I must have had about 57 gerbils running free around my apartment and they made one hell of a mess of my place-,I have discovered that they have ruined some of my cloths,books,my furniture,and they shredded up my sofa and chairs so much that I had to get a whole new set of furniture.

Well, about the last two days I had left to move out of this shit hole I managed to capture all 57 gerbils and made up my mind to release them all within the walls of the building for I know how destructive that they can be when they are active.It was only a matter of time before they started to tear up the infrastructure of the building,they made one hell of a mess by the tearing apart the wiring in the walls and some of them were shocked to death,but in time the power had to be shut down as it was possible that an electrical fire was a danger.For a long time the gerbils were chewing on the support beams that hold the building up,- until the building had to be condemned as it was no longer safe for any body to live there.

The gerbils have destroyed the whole fucking building and the slumlord was just pissed right off as he had his whole savings put into this building, and now it is nothing but a pile of rubble.The slumlord became very deeply depressed about the whole situation and had come to the realization that he was now penny less and down and out. The gerbils had destroyed everything that meant something to him and He became a very sad man indeed.I have found out later that the slumlord had hanged himself because he could not take living in bankruptcy. A very sad story indeed,- and I am so proud of my gerbils for doing such a job and helping me in my revenge.

Gerbils make very good pets for kids just so long that they are loved and cared for with a loving heart ,and remember that it is not good to have just one gerbil for they do get very lonely.


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