Animal Extinction Essay

A lot of animals have been vanquished from the Mother Nature due to some natural reasons or human’s insatiable hunger for money, particularly the endangered species of animals that require more attention to prevent them from being extinct in the near future. One of the major factors that are leading to the extinction of animals is deforestation. Mass deforestation by human has cost a lot to the habitat of animals. The animals are being forced to move away from their natural habitat as it is being destroyed by human.

Major source of food for animals came from forest, when human make the decision, they already made the doomsday for animals. Eventually the animals will starve and die. Global warming often caused major problem to human being, but we must not forgotten the facts that animal’s habitat are being destroyed as well. The rapid rising of temperature these few decades has cause the melting of iceberg on north and south poles, thus jeopardising the habitat of polar bear and penguin.

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Rising of water level due to the melting of glaciers has submerged many habitats of animals and pushing them to the edge of extinction. Whether it is a hunt for fun or a hunt for the handsome amount of reward that it pays, it is still considered as illegal hunting. Delicacies such as shark fin, Bluefin tuna, and sea turtles are being poached for their high price tag and demand. No matter it is a rhino or elephant, human will hunt them down for the sake of their horns and tusks. These horn and tusks are being sold in black market.

Illegal hunting has cost a lot to the ecosystem, government should empower rules that prohibits illegal hunting. Last but not least, illegal dumping of toxic substance and rubbish often cause problem to the habitat of sea creature. Toxic wastage affects the pH of the water resource and may inhibit the growth of certain sea creature that is unable to sustain their life in a harsh acidic environment. Rubbish thrown is taken by the animal causing sickness and death. In a nutshell, extinction of animals is an irreversible process and is ainly caused by human’s irresponsible action. Deforestation will affect the animals and they are hardly to survive without the habitat and foods. On the other hand, the population of animals such as sharks, rhino and elephant will decrease due to illegal hunting. The illegal hunting activities will still happen as there is demand for those animals. Besides, the aquatic life will be affected when the water is polluted by toxic substance and rubbish. These factors will lead to the extinction of animals if not been stop.


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