Annie’s Homegrown Video case questions and answers Essay

1 ) Annie knew what she wanted and had the willingness and finding to see it through. a ) Annie’s individual features of being wellness witting. willing to take opportunities and concentrating on no lone her wants and demands.

but besides the wants and demands of others has helped determine the success of her concern. 2 ) The company evolved into a multimillion dollar leader in the natural organic nutrient industry by placing the markets and so focused on the top 10 markets. In those markets Annie’s company focused on the merchandises attributes. being realistic and willing to take opportunities while keeping a high trueness to its bing clients.

In 1998 capital extract from Consorzio and Fantastic Foods aid fuel growing in Annie’s concern.Consumer satisfaction and trade name consciousness helped acquire the attending of another investor Solara Capital LLC in 2002. These investors where looking to come in into the organic nutrient market and by puting in Annie’s company they helped the growing of Annie’s concern every bit good. So with the aid from loyal clients and investors Annie’s concern was able to turn. a ) I think that the lone growing schemes would be concentrating on what the consumer wants and happening ways to supply that. The merely other thing that I can see would be seeking to acquire more merchandise arrangement in shops that they are presently non in. 3 ) The web site has many alone characteristic like:a ) Spreading the goodness – happening out what’s new at Annie’s. B ) Taste Our Merchandises – give a list of merchandises with descriptions and images.

degree Celsius ) Recipes and fun check – formulas and a childs nine and a manner to acquire free material vitamin D ) The web site its ego is really alone and lively. a pleasant site to see. 4 ) The web site promote Annie’s mission by holding it right on the place screen of the web site. It besides promotes her mission be everything that is on each page of the web site.

from merchandises to articles to formulas.


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