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What the paper “What’s Missing from No Child Left Behind? A Policy Analysis from a Social Work Perspective. ” argues is that the No Child Left Behind measure might non be carry throughing its intent. Furthermore. the paper sheds visible radiation on the societal and emotional hazard factors that prevent pupils from wining in school. In the terminal. the article suggests that school societal workers are capable of extinguishing these barriers by using in school intercessions to turn to the psychosocial factors that highlight the difference in accomplishment at school. School societal workers are besides capable of recommending for an instruction policy alteration that looks beyond trial tonss and aid at hazard pupils win in school.

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Lagana-Riordan. Christine. and Jemel P. Aguilar. “What’s Missing From No Child Left Behind? A Policy Analysis From A Social Work Perspective. ” Children & A ; Schools 31. 3 ( 2009 ) : 135-144. Academic Search Complete. Web. 25 Mar. 2012. This article reports the consequences found by a national study taken by the province. about the national impact of the No Child Left Behind measure. Result indicate that in between 2001 and 2005 statewide appraisal of scientific discipline and authorship increased but it decreased in the societal surveies. humanistic disciplines. humanistic disciplines. and computing machines.

The research squad found that there are few subjects that come up at about every school. The first. which is an obvious 1. is that for topics that are non tested for under the No Child Left Behind measure. the schools reduced their resources and the attempt that the school puts into these countries dropped. Second. is an interesting method because they take material off from tested topics and incorporating them into the categories that are non tested for. Just so the instructors that are traveling to be tested hold more clip to concentrate on the proving stuff. The last subject is that there is no alteration observed. everything seems to be the same as before the No Child Left Behind measure.

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Pederson. Patricia Velde. “What Is Measured Is Treasured: The Impact Of The No Child Left Behind Act On Nonassessed Subjects. ” Clearing House 80. 6 ( 2007 ) : 287-291. Academic Search Complete. Web. 25 Mar. 2012.

The article discusses how instructors are detecting that the No Child Left Behind thought is flawed. developmentally inappropriate. missing support. and go forthing more pupils. pedagogues. and schools behind before the measure was passed. Subsequently the article presents a short history about educational testing. investigates the statement of learning to the trial. and focuses on subgroups of school populations that are negatively affected by No Child Left Behind measure. distinctively pupils from low socioeconomic backgrounds. minorities. second-language scholars. and pupils with particular demands. Works Cited Smyth. Theoni Soublis. “Who Is No Child Left Behind Leaving Behind? . ”

Clearing House 81. 3 ( 2008 ) : 133-137. Academic Search Complete. Web. 25 Mar. 2012. This article in the Times newspaper. points out jobs and defects with the 2002 U. S. No Child Left Behind educational statute law. which was designed to better instruction in the U. S. Topics that are discussed include. instructors ailments that No Child Left Behind policy sets impossible criterions and forces instructors to learn based on the trial stuff. and how the measure originally came to life by the proposal of former U. S. president George W. Bush. The other subject discussed is how originally neither the Democratic or Republican political parties were in favour of the statute law. Furthermore article explains that No Child Left Behind measure has publicized spreads between pupils but it did non fixed them.

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Webley. Kayla. “Why It’s Time To Replace No Child Left Behind. ” Time 179. 3 ( 2012 ) : 40-44. Academic Search Complete. Web. 25 Mar. 2012. The ends of this article are to raise consciousness about the challenges pedagogues and school mental wellness professionals face throughout the semester as a consequence of the execution of No Child Left Behind measure. The most of import portion about this article is that its intent is non merely to indicate out the defects caused by the No Child Left Behind measure. but to heighten the bill’s thoughts and supply less intervention between the measure and school mental wellness by coming up with thoughts and solutions for the jobs that they are confronting.

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Weist. D. Mark et Al. “Enhancing No Child Left Behind–School Mental Health Connections. ” Journal Of School Health 76. 9 ( 2006 ) : 446-451. Academic Search Complete. Web. 25 Mar. 2012.


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