Antidepressant Case Study Essay

The argument over antidepressants has waged on for over more than half a century. Two caputs of the Department of Psychiatry in Washington University discovered that depression was merely every bit much biological as it was physiological significance that people with depression had an unnatural chemical makeup in the encephalon. This find increased the demand for research on methods to change this abnormalcy efficaciously and expeditiously. Thus antidepressants were created. triping a psychiatric revolution. Antidepressants work by barricading the re-uptake of 5-hydroxytryptamine. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is responsible for commanding human emotions. Our organic structures make serotonin of course but some atoms are lost on the nerve cell. which is called re-uptake. Antidepressants block the re-uptake by puting a protein wall on the nerve cell. enabling a greater ingestion of 5-hydroxytryptamine in the encephalon ( Greenburg Manufacturing ) .

From their creative activity. antidepressants have given people a opportunity to recapture the enjoyment they one time. or ne’er. had. They help people find their ends. rediscover their hereafters. and bask particular minutes in life that should be cherished. Antidepressants should be prescribed to persons enduring from depression because they are simple. safe. and effectual. In old ages prior to the development of antidepressants. depression was treated through drastic hospitalization. Hospitalization involved patients digesting painful interventions such as galvanism and/or a leukotomy ( Richard 54 ) . In galvanism. an person is pinned down to a bed and shocked whenever a negative or self-destructive idea comes to mind. A leukotomy is an unpleasant signifier of encephalon surgery that involves a sawbones utilizing a long rod to rewire encephalon maps. While these signifiers of intervention are grueling and present a great hazard to the wellness of the patient. they are successful in retracing the chemical makeup in one’s encephalon. which is a necessary constituent in bring arounding most signifiers of depression.

These signifiers of intervention are expensive. complicated. and clip consuming. Medicines. on the other manus. make non demand a batch of clip and are easy swallowed. Taking these medicines is simple. easy and lone requires a doctor’s prescription. which can be easy received upon an assignment. This signifier of intervention is rather simple. and is much less onerous than intervention entirely based on therapy. Therapy can be rather dearly-won and. without the add-on of antidepressants. uneffective. In order for it to be effectual the kid must run into with a professional twice a hebdomad ( Martin 574 ) . Harmonizing to the American Academy of Psychology an mean therapy session costs $ 150. In order to decently handle depression efficaciously via therapy and non-drug related means the patient requires up to one to three old ages of intervention. At $ 300 a hebdomad the person will be passing $ 15. 600 a twelvemonth and $ 46. 800 over three old ages. With medicine. comes a cheaper and less complicated agencies of intervention.

Under medicines. the mean patient requires run intoing one to two times per every two hebdomads at the same mean cost of $ 150. This comes out to $ 3900 per twelvemonth versus the $ 15. 600 through merely intervention. Although there is the cost of medicines. the entire cost for utilizing medicine and therapy is significantly cheaper than utilizing merely therapy. With antidepressants. intervention for depression becomes merely and easy to carry through. doing the route to recovery that much more accomplishable. Many persons feel disbelieving about taking antidepressants because they are a human-made substance. and they are full of chemicals. While this is true. the effects medicines have on the organic structure is different from individual to individual. From its creative activity antidepressants have had some serious side affects. frightening people off.

Today. 118 million people use antidepressants and between 1995 and 2002. the usage of these drugs rose 48 per centum ( Cohen Antidepressants ) . Besides this shows that people have been seting to these drugs. and that people see less hazard in taking them. Many of the 118 million people on antidepressants have depression. but there are besides many people take them for the other grounds. Antidepressants have known to assist people discontinue smoke. ( New York Psychiatric ) writes. “Nicotine may hold antidepressant effects that maintain smoke for some tobacco users. Antidepressants may replace for this effect” ( New York Psychiatric ) . These persons take the drug as a safe means to discontinue smoke. Scientifically antidepressants incorporate bupropion hydrochloride. a chemical known for fade outing the nicotine dependence ( New York Psychiatric ) . A tobacco user develops an dependence because nicotine is a powerful drug that speeds up the encephalon and cardinal nervous system. It triggers the release of Dopastat. a neurotransmitter in your encephalon. hiking one’s temper. Over clip the encephalon adjusts to the addition of Dopastat and the tobacco user becomes addicted.

Antidepressants aid by stabilising the elevated degrees of Dopastat in the encephalon by holding increased degrees of the opposite neurotransmitter. 5-hydroxytryptamine absorbed. Besides these drugs are safe to take because the FDA continuously runs trials to formalize the drug’s safety. The FDA’s article on bettering paediatric and child wellness provinces. “FDA has been committed to turn toing the particular considerations needed for measuring medical merchandises for kids and immature grownups. These include scientific discipline to turn to how development. age and growing may impact how interventions work and consequence wellness results in children” ( FDA Improving ) . Persons everyplace take these drugs for a assortment of grounds. and seldom do they harm an person. There are many unexplained grounds an single suffers from depression. but two theories the Monoamine Hypothesis and the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Cortisol Theory. are prevailing in most instances of depression. and they explain the biological jobs that cause depression ( Koplewicz More ) .

The first theory. the Monoamine Hypothesis. was formulated in the 1960’s as a manner to demo how other chemicals in the encephalon inhibit 5-hydroxytryptamine. ( Koplewicz More ) explains. “ The monoamine ( MAO ) metabolites act as inhibitors. forestalling 5-hydroxytryptamine and norepinephrin from traversing the synapse. In sequence to this theory these MAO metabolites appear to be more prevailing in down patients” ( Belmaker Future ) . The 2nd theory. Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Cortisol Theory. was developed shortly after the Monoamine Hypothesis. This theory explains that the sum of hydrocortisone produced is reduced in persons enduring from depression. These two theories are seen in over 66 % of instances of depression ( Belmaker Future ) . This figure encompasses the largest population of persons enduring from depression. therefore turn outing depression is mostly a chemical instability complaint in the encephalon.

Because depression is a chemical instability. it can merely be cured through certain agencies of intervention specialising in chemical Reconstruction. Such interventions require the proper equipment and chemicals that therapy or other signifiers of intervention can non provide. The combination of both antidepressants and therapy is proven to be the most effectual agencies of bring arounding depression. Author George Burns. in his book. Happiness. Healing. Enhancement: Your Casebook Collection for Applying Positive Psychology in Therapy writes. “43 % more patients enduring from depression were cured with the combination of therapy and medicine than patients merely undergoing merely one signifier of treatment” ( Burns 47 ) . The persons undergoing both verbal therapy and drug therapy recover more frequently and faster than patients merely undergoing one signifier of intervention. Antidepressants are an effectual agencies of bring arounding depression because they are easy to utilize. safe. and effectual.

Antidepressants come chiefly in a pill signifier and work most efficaciously alongside therapy or other signifiers of intervention. For an person with depression who does non devour antidepressant medicine. intervention can be hard. clip devouring. and expensive. These pills are easy to consume and necessitate the patient to make less work by the patient. On top of that. they have been often tested by professionals. and are safe in most persons. Symptoms vary from user to user. nevertheless. they typically they do non do bodily injury. Depression comes in many signifiers. but in most instances depression is a chemical instability in the encephalon. With this information and are known effects antidepressants have on the encephalon. it is apparent that these drugs are highly effectual and much more effectual than entirely curative intervention.


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