Ap Human Geography Story Essay

April 22nd, 2013AP Human Geography: 6th Block Gone Forever St.

Ann, the toponym (Unit 1) given to my city (unit 7) in the state (Unit 4) of Alabama, was a beautiful region (Unit 1). But today was just like any one of the other 365 days of the year. The pastures (Unit 5) were greener than green with cows spotted here and there and the spring wheat (Unit 5) was coming in nicely over across the way. The streets are always quiet in this part of the city (Unit 7), so all that you ever hear is the threshing (Unit 5) of the wheat done by the sharecroppers (Unit 3) who live next to you.Nothing was too out of ordinary, except for the fact that my mother had not returned home this morning from work after leaving at her usual time last night. She has had the habit (Unit 3) for quite some time now of leaving at 6:00 p. m.

and returning at 7:00 a. m. , just a little after sunrise. Everyone in this city worked in the primary sector (Unit 6). Once the time hit for one worker to leave the plantation (Unit 5), the next laborer would be there to jump in and let the other go back to their family. But now the clock had hit 10:00 a. m. hich ended rush hour (Unit 7) and she still hadn’t come through the door.

My father, who had just come home from work, was now sitting silently on the couch while the TV newscaster was blaring words that were hard for me to understand from where I was sitting. But after getting up and moving closer, I noticed that what my father was watching was way more serious than what I was expecting … “PANDEMIC (Unit 2) STRIKES! 7,158 PEOPLE ALREADY DEAD IN THE US! THE POPULATION IS DECLINING AT A RAPID PACE! BODIES ARE COLLAPSING INTO THE SAWAH (Unit 5) FIELDS!MIGRATION (Unit 2) IS ABRUPTLY BEING ENFORCED! ” The horrific words flashed across the screen in bright red and then reflected into my eyes. My mind exploding with terrible thoughts! And to make matters even worse, there was a video recorded with people succumbing into the waters of the paddies (Unit 5). One after another, each body sank peacefully. Every race (Unit 4), every religion, everyone was basically falling off of the face of the Earth.

And as I sat there in my textile (Unit 6) clothing in fear, I had realized something … My mother was not coming back home today, or ever again.


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