AP US History Post World War II Essay

Communication is used everyday through technology, dialogue, and actions. It is important that there is understanding between people, and in this case, countries. During World War II, the United States and the Soviet Union had joined forces to take down a mutual threat and enemy, Germany. Since both are great powers, their collaboration had led to the end of the World War.

However, following the end of the World War emerged a new war between the US and the Soviet Union, which would be called the Cold War. This tension between the two great powers will cause other countries to choose sides and support in any way they can.Communication plays a big part in this world affair than anyone gives credit for it. There was a lack of communication throughout this whole crisis. Each side had to do a lot of guesswork or had to find out information through a top-secret source. During the Cold War, the Soviet Union and the US had fulfilled lawful duties towards their cause, but each act was committed without knowing what the other would do next. Like all relationships or ties between two parties, communication is and always will play a major role. A lack of communication can lead to threatening or misleading judgments that can go astray.

For example, during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, both the US and the Soviet Union had moved nuclear missiles to locations that could easily wipe out regions of each other’s country. Without knowing the purpose of the move, they each thought it was a threat to the safety of their people. While they were on the brink of a nuclear war, it could have been avoided with communication between the great powers of the 18th century. Between friends, trust and communication is key in a strong relationship. There may be disagreements and arguments, but a final compromise can be made.For example, in the midst of the aftermath of WWII, the US and the Soviet Union and the United Kingdom were deciding what to do with the European hemisphere. They had to rebuild the war-stricken cities, as well as establish a strong government to lead the people out of the devastation.

At the Potsdam Conference, the “Big Three” had met to discuss the postwar states of the country, treaties, and how to recover from the war. Not knowing how the Soviet Union would handle the postwar situation in Germany, the US decided to keep troops posted in Europe until it was deemed fit to leave.However, the Soviet Union had bigger plans for a postwar Europe, which included issuing puppet governments throughout the country. With the US standing in the way, tension grew as disagreements started to pile up. This is one of the reasons for the start of the Cold War. However, like friends, there will be arguments and different views on certain situations. Communication can only be stressed as an important part to a strong bond. The Cold War was fought based on the actions that each country performed.

There was not one specific problem that was the reason for all the damage, but a collection of individual acts.For instance, I had two friends named Yvonne and Yeri who I considered to be very close. As time goes on, the actions of Yeri seemed to bother and annoy Yvonne. Each act seemed pointless and un-amusing, and at one point Yvonne just exploded with her opinion and views toward Yeri, which results in an argument and fight between the two. After some time away from each other, they felt like there was no point where they had talked about their problems. Eventually, they did communicate and work out their differences.

Such as, the US and the Soviet Union, they had put aside their differences to put an end to the Cold War by communicating.Evidently, after the Cold War, in better relations with the US, the Soviet Union had collapsed in 1991. Without the Communist Party in power, the Soviet Union had crumbled into 16 different parts. The fall of the Berlin Wall had also led to the fall of the great power of the 20th century.

As shown through examples and details, communication plays an important role in the development of a strong, trustworthy bond. Without communication, how would people share ideas, stories, traditions, etc.? It not only works for international affairs, but it can also be applied to everyday confrontations.


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