Apache Corporation Essay

Apache Corporation was formed in 1954. based on the thought of going important and comfortable in the oil industry. The company took $ 250. 000 of investor capital. paired it with ferocious finding and now Apache Corporation is considered one of the top independent oil and gas geographic expedition and production companies in the universe ( “Apachecorp. com” . 2012 ) . Apache Corporation operates in both domestic and international markets researching for. developing. and bring forthing natural gas. rough oil. and natural gas liquids ( “Apachecorp. com” . 2012 ) . On December 31. 2011. the Company had production in the United States. Canada. Egypt. and Australia. Offshore production exists in the United Kingdom. the North Sea. and Argentina. Looking into the hereafter Apache plans to go on to research other states for new finds and development chances ( “Apachecorp. com” . 2012 ) .


The success of any concern depends on the ability to accommodate to the environment it operates in. As portion of the oil and gas industry Apache Corporation operates in a planetary concern environment known for its fight. The company has shown growing in production 30 one of the last 30 three old ages and throughout those old ages change has been a changeless comrade. Wide swings in oil monetary values have become platitude in the universe today. the monetary value of a barrel of oil alterations about daily. Operating in other states means that political agitation and alterations in authorities policies must be addressed. every bit good as oil industry ordinances that are invariably germinating. Apache Corporation has withstood the alterations in concern environment for 57 old ages and remains committed to successfully encompassing the alterations yet to come.

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Over the last 10 old ages the most important technological progress for the industry has been the yoke of horizontal boring with hydraulic fracturing techniques. This new method allows the development of resources that are trapped in shale and other countries that have been about impossible to mine in the yesteryear. Apache Corporation now applies this engineering worldwide ( “Apachecorp. com” . 2012 ) . This method is besides used by about all other companies in the industry including the comparing companies Devon and Anadarko.

Fiscal Health

Harmonizing to the 2011 Apache Corporation Annual Report the company showed a net income for the twelvemonth and the debt ratio is 0. 22. One top rival Anadarko Petroleum located in San Antonio Texas has a debt ratio of. 65 and showed a loss for the 2011 twelvemonth ( “Hoovers” . 2012 ) . A 2nd top rival Devon Energy located in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma had a better twelvemonth in 2011. this company did demo a net income and their debt ratio is 0. 48 ( “Hoovers” . 2012 ) . Within the gas and oil industry the overall fiscal position of Apache Corporation is sound. Working in a high hazard industry the production hazards are balanced by both geographic variegation and a mix of high and low hazard belongingss in the portfolio ( “Hoovers” . 2012 ) .

With about 3 billion barrels of oil equivalent in modesty Apache Corporation is positioned to keep their current impulse. The natural gas merchandise is sold most frequently at current market monetary values while the rough oil is marketed straight to integrated sellers and refineries. Contract footings are by and large 30 yearss with automatic reclamation until canceler at current market monetary values which change about day-to-day ( “Apachecorp. com” . 2012 ) . Apache Corporation has been researching for and bring forthing oil and gas merchandises for over 50 old ages. The company has been successful and appears to be a sound investing. In this analysis we have reviewed the concern environment. fiscal wellness and usage of engineering for Apache Corporation for the intent of make up one’s minding whether or non to put in the company.

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