Apologies in advance if my point here is wrong

Apologies in advance if my point here is wrong. Correct me as well: Politics influences people on their decisions and even make decisions by itself. Politics involves power which reaches at a world-wide scale and a single choice may mean annihilation, continuous progression, sudden depression, or everlasting peace for all of us.

My general opinion is that the world was in continuous progression. However, with the current events and threats happening all over the world right now, it seems that there will be a shift. That’s what concerns me a lot especially considering that I couldn’t control it by myself.

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But I’m also looking forward to these new and ground-breaking ideas or technologies such as IoT, blockchain technology in social media like Steemit, in politics, in businesses, and etc. The idea that one won’t need to rely each transaction from people but reliable databases. I think that joining and committing to these ideas is one of the small yet good ways to address my concern for politics.


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