International Adoption and Open Adoption Essay

Macintosh File System was originally designed for floppy disk and small amounts of data storage, so It only made sense to replace the file system with adequate technology. (Cranston, July) Berkeley Software Distribution UNIX File System is the file system for UNIX operating systems created by the Computer Systems Research Group at Berkeley Cal. BBS is the Berkeley Standard Distribution. In the early 1 sass, the University of California at Berkeley was a major center of focus of UNIX activity. They adapted AT&T’s System Ill and provided more sophisticated process management and network functionality.

They distributed their version of UNIX, called the Berkeley Standard Distribution, for what amounted to the cost of goods. This, in turn, was widely adapted by academia and turned into the source material for further innovations by companies such as Sun Microsystems. (Babcock, August) This file system has been developed and has seen performance increases derived from significant Improvements In technology from research.

The Unix File System being pen source technology allowed for the Increase In advancements due to outside influence from other research groups and developers as well.UNIX has been around the ass’s, which is obviously longer than the Steve Jobs and his group from Palo Alto, California. It’s no secret to individuals that are knowledgeable of the Apple product and history that Steve Jobs was fired from the very company he created. Not to only be rehired to save Apple from falling entirely. When Steve Jobs was fired from Apple he started a computer company called next.

NeXT was an operating software company hat was UNIX based that incorporated object oriented programming for 3-D code capability.After Steve Jobs took back control of Apple he worked to improve the current operating system but instead decided to replace it with the technology from his NeXT effort named SO X. (Wilcox, May) The SO X obviously changed Its file management system from the current Apple file system to the BBS UNIX File System to Incorporate the NeXT technology that was a UNIX based product already.

After performing my research and analyzing the information discovered I ultimately come to the conclusion that Apple changed it’s original file management system to the BBS Unix File System for the same reason it used the original, because Steve said so.


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