Application of Simulation Technique in Queuing Model for ATM Facility Essay

1. 0 Issues/ Problem Statement:Most of the ATMs have the job of long waiting line of clients to undergo simple dealing at the extremum hours and remain idle due to the deficiency of client entry at the off peak hours.

2. 0 Aims:1. To develop a simulation theoretical account to cut down the waiting clip of clients and the entire operation cost related to ATM installing.2. To find whether merely one machine is required to carry through the demand or two more machines are needed to be installed to give comfort to clients who are truly of short period of clip.

3. To develop an efficient process for ATM line uping job3. 0 Literature Reappraisal:Apart from ATM job. simulation with line uping theoretical account had been used for assorted applications excessively:Harmonizing to Pieter Tjerk de Boer ( 1983 ) .

significant focal point has been dedicated to the appraisal of overflow chances in line uping webs. A different adaptative method has applied to line uping jobs than in the present work with few simple theoretical accounts been considered. The article of S. S. Lavenberg ( 1989 ) has discussed that simulation is executable for statistically analyzing a complex queuing theoretical account. Moderate simulation continuances are found to be sufficient to obtain precise assurance interval estimations. As current constellation at each measure of nest eggs or interpolation processs is perchance impracticable. therefore the alternate constellation is one that yields the largest nest eggs in some standard maps with these processs can be found in Clarke and Wright ( 1964 ) or in Solomon ( 1987 ) .

Christofides et Al ( 1981 ) has discussed Lagrangean relaxation processs for the queuing of client in forepart of ATM. Interactive optimisation is incorporated into the problem-solving procedure with versions of this attack to line uping are presented by Krolak et Al ( 1970 ) . Brame and SimchiLevi ( 1995 ) has illustrated simulation theoretical account is worked by ab initio presenting the location based heuristic for general queuing job as a location job which is solved later and the solution is transformed into solution to the queuing job.4.

0 Methodology:Simulation technique in line uping theoretical account is used for work outing ATM waiting clip job since this job can non be solved with mathematical techniques and physical experimentation. Simulation technique helps placing the booby traps of bing 3 ATM services of 3 different Bankss at VIT ( Vellore Institute of Technology ) . Initially. the simulation is being applied to see the rate of entry and issue. the waiting clip of a client with the ATM machine’s idle clip after observation of the similar and uninterrupted tendency on weekdays and weekends individually. The following measure i.

e. utilize line uping theoretical account to analyze the figure of clients in the system to the clients wait before being served. thereby it proposes a new ATM service from any of these Bankss or other than the bing Bankss based upon the service required from the clients. A suited simulation technique is besides formulated to cut down idle clip of waiters and waiting clip of clients for any bank holding ATM installation.5. 0 Findingss:The overall consequence shows the comparing between the three Bankss based on several characteristic. by using mathematical expression. the simulation technique and line uping theory.

From the simulation consequence. Indian Bank weekend has the lowest expected clip client spends in the system. 80 ; whereas Indian Bank weekdays free and Centurion bank have the highest in expected clip client spends in the system that is 120. Apart from that. the consequence besides shows Indian Bank weekdays free and Centurion Bank has the 0 clip for the client expected to wait. whereas SBI weekend has the highest expected waiting clip per client. 12. From the line uping consequence.

Centurion Bank has the lowest expected clip client spend in the system that is 189. whereas Indian Bank weekdays free. SBI weekdays free and SBI weekend has showed the highest.

250. For the expected waiting clip per client. Centurion Bank has showed the lowest 69. whereas SBI weekend with the highest consequence. 159.6. 0 Discussions:By taking one twenty-four hours as a criterion. a heavy crowd is found in premier hours during the weekdays in Indian Bank and SBI ATMs.

the equipment ATM is 100 % utilized by the clients. Utilization factor for Indian Bank and SBI in the non-busy hours is 50 % and 55 % severally. In weekend period. the use factor for Indian Bank and SBI is 62 % and 64 % severally. The ground shows that the SBI has obtained the highest utilization factor among the other 2 Bankss is because of the clients do non confront the “Out of Service Problem” which is often occurred in Indian Bank and Centurion Bank. with an norm of two times in a hebdomad. However.

it takes more clip to recharge the currency in the ATM machine than Indian Bank in SBI. Few clients have the ATM dealing with Centurion Bank because of the dissatisfaction on its client service and the minimal figure of subdivisions throughout the India. In add-on. from the tabulate consequences. SBI ATM has obtained the minimal Ws and Wq than the other two Bankss which imply that it has attained the client satisfaction on its services.7. 0 Recommendations:Every facet that has an consequence on doing the waiting clip longer in the ATM should be taken into the consideration. The facets like the people that are non good versed with ATM.

clients who have stand in the waiting line and go forth. the clip the workers take to feed the ATM with currency. out of stock state of affairs and vacations which largely after exams the public-service corporation of ATM should be taken into history of the waiting job. Another recommendation is the sample size should be extended into larger sample size and more yearss of observation to obtain more accurate consequences. In add-on. the consideration of waiting cost and service cost can assist developing an efficient process for ATM line uping job and to happen out the best ATM installation.8. 0 Decision:Line uping Model and Simulation Model ( SM ) are used to specify the queuing jobs in footings of determination devising to cut down the customer’s waiting clip.

After comparing the customers’ behavior on different TM service at VIT. a new ATM machine ( SBI ) should be installed in men’s inn to ease more clients towards the service by cut downing the clients cost and service cost for the long run’s benefit.9. 0 Personal Comment/ sentiment:In the last 10 old ages.

simulation package and methodological analysis has been developed and used in the bank services. The old subdivisions have shown that utilizing the simulation technique can increase sustainability of a bank with better client service and enhanced client satisfaction. However. this simulation technique is non limited merely in patterning the client in a bank. but the same construct can besides be applied in specifying and analysing the theoretical account of a system or job in the banking countries.

Other countries can be modeled in banking countries such as client flows to measure alternate layout within a subdivision bank. hard currency flows between subdivisions and the bank’s cardinal office. Once these theoretical accounts developed. it can easy be used to analyze the consequence of different parametric quantities on the variables in the theoretical account.


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