Applied Ethics and Social Responsibility Essay

1 ) Why do you believe Starbucks has been so concerned with societal duty in its overall corporate scheme? “I think that Starbucks has been concerned with societal duty in its overall corporate scheme because in the long tally it affects the bottom line. By being socially responsible. the concern is besides demoing that they care about more than their net incomes. Caring about more than merely net incomes allows for greater employee committedness. investor trueness. every bit good as higher client satisfaction. Research has besides shown that societal duty and good concern moralss contributes to higher net incomes. ( Ferrell. Fraedrich. & A ; Ferrell. 2013 ) ”

2 ) Is Starbucks unique in being able to supply a high degree of benefits to its employees? “No. Starbucks is non alone in being able to supply a high degree of benefits to its employees. Business moralss has become more of import in the concern universe and it has been found that if a company is dedicated to taking attention of its employees. the more dedicated the employees will be. If an employee sees that the company is moving and dainties them in an ethical mode. the employee is more likely to move in an ethical mode. ( Ferrell. Fraedrich. & A ; Ferrell. 2013 ) ”

3 ) Do you believe that Starbucks has grown quickly because of its ethical and socially responsible activities or because it provides merchandises and an environment that clients want? “I think that Starbucks has grown quickly because it has combined a merchandise and environment that people want with great concern moralss and societal duty. This combination has allowed the company to spread out exponentially during a good economic system and maintain in a bad economic system. By being socially responsible and handling their employee’s right. the company has less of a turnover rate and in the long tally has been able to avoid big layoffs and closing down a big sum of shops. ( Ferrell. Fraedrich. & A ; Ferrell. 2013 ) ”

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4 ) In what other ways does this instance relate to the constructs that we have learned in the chapters so far? “This first chapter has shown that moralss is a large portion of concern. It can fundamentally do or interrupt a company. In the instance of Starbucks. it has made them. They have based their concern around societal duty and moralss and have been able to keep in an economic system that has tanked because they treat their employees and clients right. Harmonizing to our text edition. being ethical wages off with better employee public presentation. and higher employee honestness and unity. ( Ferrell. Fraedrich. & A ; Ferrell. 2013 ) ”


Ferrell. O. C. . Fraedrich. J. . & A ; Ferrell. L. ( 2013 ) . The Importance of Business Ethics. In O. C. Ferrell. J. Fraedrich. & A ; L. Ferrell. Business Ethical motives: Ethical Decision Making and Cases ( pp. 17-22 ) . Mason: South-Westen.


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