Applying Behavioral Principles Essay

Expression at the following societal jobs as a behaviourist would. Propose behavioural solutions for each. 1. Traffic! The job of traffic gridlock in American metropoliss continues to increase. Campaigns to promote people to portion a drive or take the coach have non been really successful. In one big metropolis.

commuters come ining the metropolis must traverse one of several Bridgess to acquire to the country where office edifices and mills are concentrated. How could behavior alteration be used to cut down the traffic congestion in the metropolis? It is learning people different behaviours and alterations by doing them take the theodolite coach or the metro or carpool in the hov lane to cut down traffic congestion in the metropolis. Some people see it as a signifier of control seeking to coerce people to sit these transits alternatively of their ain vehicles to seek and cut down the traffice congestion in the metropolis.

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2. The Homework Puzzle. An article published in The New York Times reported the consequences of a large-scale survey on the benefits of prep for simple school kids.

The survey showed that the lowest-achieving kids spent more clip with prep than kids with better classs. How can the longer clip spent by the low-achieving kids be explained? Why aren’t the kids who spent more clip with homework the 1s who are doing better classs? The kids that are passing more clip on their prep is the 1s that are fighting and have to work twice every bit difficult as the other kids that the work comes easy for them.The kids that are passing hours on prep normally are the childs that have an IEP or in specialised categories. They are non doing better classs than the other childs because they struggle in school and its sad to me to see them work harder and longer because its about like a penalty to them because they struggle all twenty-four hours in school anyways. I think a solution for these kids should be indiviualized assignments for these kids and less prep or possibly non so difficult prep for these kids so as non to overpower them so they dont want to give up or emphasize them out.


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