Applying SQ3R on CHAPTER 4: Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary and Speed Essay

Applying SQ3R on CHAPTER 4: Reading, Comprehension, Vocabulary and Speed.How did you survey?I surveyed by looking through the whole chapter, noting the major headings and subheadings so I can have an idea of the hierarchical structure of the chapter and what it is about and what it will cover.What questions did you ask?I asked myself: 1) What is this chapter about? – what does this chapter has to say about Reading, comprehension, vocabulary and speed?  2) What am I supposed to learn in this chapter? How can I improve my reading comprehension? My vocabulary? My reading speed?How did you read?I read each section at a time. I first found a quiet place with no distraction (in the library) where I can read since I need to concentrate so I can absorb the information from the chapter.What did you recite?I recited the key points.

Example, under the heading How Do You Build A Better Vocabulary, I recited the subhead recommendations so I can remember them (Analyze word parts, Use a Dictionary: Read every meaning, not just the first, Say the word out loud, Use your chosen definition, Restate definition in your own words, try to use the word in conversation, Use Specialized vocabulary).How did you review?After reading the chapter I answered the Test Competence at the end, and read the chapter summary. When I find a question or an idea that I cannot recall, I make a note of it and go back to that particular section of the chapter.Wrap-up Questions: How successful was the SQ3R process in helping you grasp the concepts in the section you selected? Will you use SQ3R in the future as a way to master the content in academic readings?The SQ3R process really helped me in grasping the concept because it first gave me the big picture and a mental outline of what to expect. Somehow my mind was prepared for the actual reading, and I was reading with an aim and not simply passively digesting the text.

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I will definitely use SQ3R not only to master the content in my academic readings, but also generally develop it as a habit. A lot of time is wasted by reading varied paraphernalia, but with applying SQ3R it would be easier to distinguish the important points and what areas I need to pay close attention to. 


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