Apprenticeship benefit for the apprentice Apprenticeship provides students

Apprenticeship benefit for the apprentice
Apprenticeship provides students, and professional alike with benefits that are specifically associated with the acquisition of experience and practical knowledge. Students are expected to gain several benefits include the first-hand experience in practical situations, the ability to identify the possible process that could take place in workplace setting, and acquisition of knowledge from the professionals whom they interact with during the apprenticeship.
First-hand experience allows students to apply the theories and lessons they learn in the classroom.
The ability to determine what could happen in the workplace give the student a taste of what to expect when they immerse in the workplace as professionals. It also introduces them to the possibilities as well as the challenges they might face in workplace. Interaction with the professionals helps the students to understand how to manipulate these possibilities and how to overcome the challenges in workplace in a practical way. It also gives them a hindsight of workplace ethic and behaviour that might not been covered in the classroom.

Apprenticeship benefit for the employer
Apprenticeship also provides employers with practical benefit in the workplace. Apprenticeship normally starts with a transfer knowledge from the professionals to the apprentice, during this process, the professionals consciously will review their own working process before they transfer their knowledge to the apprentice. This externalization process allows hidden problems and inefficiencies to become very clear and to be re-addressed. Through an appropriate knowledge transfer, the employer can gain a benefit of having a proper manpower with a suitable mindset and skill for the job from the apprentice.

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