Archie Weller – “Stolen Car” and Victoria Zabukovec – “The Young Stranger” Sample Essay

Readers are frequently prompted to look into the instability of power in society through representations of race or ethnicity. Discuss how race or ethnicity is represented in two short narratives you have studied this twelvemonth.

Race and ethnicity brings an instability of power in society. Archie Weller’s “Stolen Car” and Victoria Zabukovec’s “The Young Stranger” are illustrations of short narratives which represent these instabilities through subjects and issues and the characters presented in these two texts. The protagonist characters of Johnny and Ivan bring their differences into an Australian society. They have become anomic and victims of this defensive and intolerant universe. Because of this. readers are placed in a sympathising place. They must look into and separate the certain arbitrary and non-arbitrary features that form and concept these two characters.

The physical properties of a individual by and large create the initial response in a society. The coloring material of your tegument or the apparels that one wears by and large sparks off judgements about that certain individual. Western society has constructed a generalization that Aborigines commit offense and are considered as common problem shapers. Johnny has become trapped in this type of Western society. being considered an castaway. He is self-contained. powerless and oppressed in the metropolis of Perth. He creates an instability of power in this society. “This is what he had come to Perth for. Enjoy yourself. so go place. But he can’t travel place now. Restless. uneasy and acrimonious. like the metropolis that has adopted him. ” ( Pg 93 ) This shows that Natives are stripped of their individuality and civilization in the metropolis. It is an nonsubjective accomplished by the Whites in hope to advance their authorization and to obtain power. therefore commanding it.

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Ethnicity besides creates different responses with many people. Race is non the lone factor which creates contention and the demand for power. Marginalization of cultural groups is besides common in society. It is non merely the race of a individual ( or coloring material of their tegument ) which is the direct focal point. but it is the non-arbitrary features. This being. any cultural backgrounds or traditions. non merely the physical visual aspects of a individual. Ivan’s life has been influenced by the societal and cultural patterns

of Australia. He must endure. and it has become clear that this is a portion of the migratory experience in Australia. “One [ self-defense mechanism ] was the two-world mechanism. As he discovered that certain things were approved of by the universe outside of his place and household. and others were non. he acted consequently. ” ( Page 107 ) Ivan’s ain societal patterns as an cultural member of society greatly differs from the dominant or appreciated societal patterns in Australia. He is forced to ‘conform’ to be able to suit in. It is because of his ethnicity that brings instability and fluctuations in the power concatenation. The defense mechanism of Australians in this instance is to reject foreign ethnicities. including traditions and civilizations to seek and advance their ain usage of patterns. all in intent to bring forth power.

Both texts explored make usage of techniques. which help readers look into this unstable province of power in society. Weller’s strong usage of linguistic communication in “Stolen Car” and pick of words help make the archetypical Aboriginal character ; viz. Johnny. who is expressed by utilizing slang and profane linguistic communication. The metropolis of Perth has been created to sound like a barbarous establishment. its intent merely to pervert Johnny. Pessimistic words like “cruel city” or “tortured silhouettes” are used to do reader cognizant that western society is barbarous. and will merely harm Johnny. Zabukovec’s “The Young Stranger” represents this instability of power through construction. The text. being divided into subdivisions. accents Ivan’s life as being detached. His ethnicity is foremost challenged one time he enters a universe off from place. In either instance. Johnny and Ivan are oppressed and marginalised. They have created instabilities in main-stream society. particularly sing power. and unluckily. they must conform. or be rejected.

Weller’s “Stolen Car” and Zabukovec’s “The Young Stranger” represent race and ethnicity severally. This has been established through the techniques. which have been portrayed by the characters of Johnny and Ivan ; both victims of western society. The subjects and issues developed in the texts besides play an of import portion in building the characters. These two characters. being portrayed as powerless and downtrodden. leave readers to believe that race and ethnicity are unfavorable in society. Populating in a universe dominated by non cultural and non coloured members of society will merely intend that people other than that will be marginalised and rejected. This is all done in favor to modulate power in society. maintaining it distributed equally amongst those with authorization ; viz. those who are non cultural and non coloured. life in a western society.


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