Are Reason and Emotion Equally Necessary in Justifying Moral Decisions? Sample Essay

In my essay for TOK I will cover with an issue sing linguistic communication. We think and express our head utilizing linguistic communication.

But does the linguistic communication impact our ability of comprehending things? Would we be able to believe the same manner if we wouldn’t speak any linguistic communication. like animate beings? Do other civilizations. which use other linguistic communications perceive universe in a different manner than us? Those are the chief inquiries with which I will cover in my essay. Language shapes how we think about the universe. This phenomenon is called lingual relativity. If a linguistic communication had no word for a certain construct.

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so its talkers would non be able to understand this construct. Language is different in every civilization. It adapts to environment in which people live.

There are many illustrations for that. It is frequently said that Eskimos have fifty words for snow. but it’s non precisely true. Sami languages. that is linguistic communications spoken by people near Arctic Circle have hundred words for snow or for different sorts of snow.

for illustration “snow that stuck to a house” . “virgin snow that has non been walked on” . “ one or two inches of new snow on top of snow” and so on.There is an illustration of geographic linguistic communication. which means that people don’t express waies with “left.

right. behind or in front of” but merely with “north. South. E and west” . That means they can specify waies without a compass or other tools. They about have an superhuman sense of orientation.

That’s typical for Australian Aboriginal lingua. Guugu Yimithirr. from north Queensland.

That linguistic communication forces its talkers to look outward and pay less attending to themselves. which is highly of import for the tribal people populating close to nature. If you ask a Guugu Yimithir talker how he knows where north is. he couldn’t explicate it any better than you can explicate how you know where “behind” is. But does this mean that they think about existence in another manner? It is proven that Guugu Yimithir talkers remember world otherwise from us. But that doesn’t mean if the linguistic communication doesn’t have a word for “behind” .

its talkers wouldn’t be able to understand this construct. That means that they pay more attending to coordination than us.The most interesting illustration for me was a instance about clip. The Amondawa people who live deep in the Amazonian rain forest have no construct of clip or day of the month. They merely live to the forms of twenty-four hours and dark and the rainy and dry seasons. They besides have no age.

They change their names from childhood to the old age. Their linguistic communication besides has a numerical system. but it merely goes up to four. You could state that they enjoy a certain freedom. It’s really similair with Chinese people. In their linguistic communication. the same verb signifier can be used for past.

nowadays or future actions. But the difference from Amondawa people is that. they understand the construct of clip. but it does mean they are non obligated to believe about clocking whenever they describe an action. English has three genders.

merely like about every linguistic communication. But in other linguistic communications. for illustration in German. French.

Spanish. Slovene. male or female is used for things excessively.

non merely for individuals. Here is an interesting experiment how gender influences our form of believing about a certain topic.Gallic and Spanish talkers were asked to delegate human voices to assorted objects in sketchs. They showed them a fork and Gallic talkers automatically wanted to talk in a women’s voice. because “la fourchette” is a female in Frenche. unlike Spanish talkers who spoke in a male voice. because “el tenedor” is a male.

In Slovene linguistic communication we don’t merely have remarkable or plural. but we can besides hold “dual” . That means we don’t say two mice. but use a particular word for this ( mis . miski. miske ) . We are one of the rare linguistic communications which have beautiful forte. There is besides a different perceptual experience of colourss in assorted states.

In some linguistic communications green and blue are non different colourss but different sunglassess of the same colour. For many old ages. our female parent lingua was misbelieved to restrict our capacity to ground. But it turned out that there is no grounds for such claims. so this was taken as cogent evidence that people of all civilizations think basically in the same manner.

And for decision. I think linguistic communication does non impact our ability to perceive things. but it does act upon how we put things into groups and determine our experience.


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