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March 15, 2013 Apartment vs. Dormitory Living Though I have only been in college two semesters, I find that apartment living is better than living in dorms. I don’t have to worry about checking in my guests, inconsiderate roommates, unexpected cold showers, or any of those things. Living on my own is my preference, but it is clear that some people my age aren’t ready for that type of responsibility. In this paper, I will be pointing out the pros and cons of dormitory living, and why I chose to live in an apartment.

If most students are anything like me, they enjoy their freedom to the fullest. From time to time, I like to have a few guests over to my apartment, and they never do leave at a decent time. In fact, they actually come pretty late to begin with.

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I couldn’t imagine having to check them in and out every time I wanted a little company. In the dorms, it is mandatory that all guests are checked in and out with a student identification card. There is also a set time for when all visitors should leave. I believe getting into college in the first place should be more rewarding than having visitation hours.After all, we are in college, not prison. Another issue I’d have with living in a dorm would have to be the room checks. It is unfair that students pay the amount of money they do to live in the dorms, only to have their privacy invaded whenever Housing deems it necessary to have room check. Not only do they barge in as they please, but students are too often fined for nonsense! Anytime the Board of Housing decides they want to make a little money, they send for room searches.

They fine for anything! From messy rooms, too many couches in the suite, or guests that haven’t been checked in, there is a fine for it.In my opinion, room checks should be general searches during specified times of the day to inspect the maintenance of the dorms, not surprise visits from unwanted guests. I’d be livid if I were in the middle of showering and heard the announcement, “Room check! ” I’d actually be mortified.

I have a tendency to leave my clothes on my bed, and get dressed in my room. That run from the bathroom to my clothes would seem like life or death. Not only would I have been half naked, but now all attention would be drawn to me. I would definitely seem suspect, as if I were hiding something.Of course I would be hiding, but not in that sense. There is almost a one-hundred percent chance that you will have a roommate in your dorm. The only way you can be assured you won’t have one is if you pay for a private room.

I don’t see why anyone would do that though, because the pricing is unbelievably high. Most of my peers do prefer having a roommate though, to have the, “Full college experience” as it has been told to me. As the semester goes on, they are no longer too fond of their roommates. I can’t say that I blame them for being upset about their roommate’s behavior.I wouldn’t be too happy either if I walked back to my room after a long day of class to find that my last powerade had been consumed, and all my snacks devoured! One of my friends has told me she dreads going to her room because her roommate doesn’t smell to well. I believe having a roommate wouldn’t be so horrid if you actually knew the person and got along with them. In most cases, you know nothing about your roommate and are often from different parts of the world! This is why most students dislike their roommates.

I do think some people have really great roommates. The key is to go in with an open mind.As humans we often write off what is different to us and label it as something we don’t like when is reality we know nothing about it. If you never get to know your roommate, how will you know if they’re not kind and generous? Some roommates swipe you in at Mayberry when you forget your card.

Some even take you off campus for a little fun. If you’re really lucky, they share their favorite snacks, and even let you use their printer so you don’t have to take that dreadful walk to the library in the pouring rain. On the other hand, some individuals simply have no home training.They don’t get along with others, and they honestly don’t care to. Room checks and roommates aren’t the only problems students face when living in dorms, many students express their anger to me about the hot water being turned off in order for the school to save money. Living in my own apartment, I am in control of keeping my utilities and water on. Why is it students pay all that money and can’t even be guaranteed a hot shower? There’s no reason the hot water should ever be turned off.

If outfits and uniforms can be bought for extra curricula activities, there should be enough money to leave on the hot water.Though apartment living is my preference, I understand that some people actually prefer dormitory living. I will state that I think the rules should be more strict on those who enforce room checks. These rules are set up for safety precautions, but they also have to realize that we are young adults, and our privacy should be respected. As far as roommates, they should fill out forms for compatibility so that there is less confrontation during the semester. Lastly, turning off the hot water should not be a factor. It is unfair to the students who have to suffer these cold showers and the parents who put their money into the University.


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