Argumentative: Education and Introduction Essay

I am for uniforms to school, because It allows those who have less money to be Like others. For example, If I do not have enough money to buy clothes from a popular rand , It does me not stand out from the rest of the group. I’m against uniforms In school, because it does not assert the dress style . As For example, it is important for a teenager to show his personality through what he wears.

So It bullied their freedom of expression. – I am In school at home, because I can learn at my own pace . For example, If I have problems in some subjects , I can take my time to understand . – I am against homecomings because it does not allow me to socialize with others. For example , I can not make teams work and do not learn to live in societyExamples of conclusions ; To conclude this text , I finally against wearing uniforms In schools.

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I ‘m not accordance with this rule, because it bullies freedom of expression among young people. In life , adults almost all have a dress code at work. Why not let the young free dress as they want while they still can ! – In conclusion , I can say with conviction that am against home schooling mainly the fact that the child does not learn to socialize with other students his age.

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