A proliferation of crime causation theories Essay

Ana-Maria Gonzalez “Education leads to a brighter future. ” Quite a clicheГ©d phrase, actually. So popular, that people tend to forget the true significance of It. It is known that Latin America faces numerous problems that makes looking Into the future a discouraging view; but we fall to realize the lack of education may be the root of these Issues, Including violence, unemployment and poverty.

Even though education is widely available in Latin America, people are not yet ingrained with the idea that education can be a oscillator for a superior life.Economic issues that stem from unemployment and poverty have led to the notion that education is wasted time that could be better spent working. The time has come for the acknowledgment that education is a way out of a negatively oriented future, not a nuisance. A vicious circle In Latin American life is poverty. Statistics from Sofas International show that 31% of young adults without a high school diploma live in poverty, compared to the 22% of young adults who have it. In the middle of what seems to be a never ending economic crisis forLatin America, education seems to take a secondary position; as a result millennialism increases, crime Increases, welfare goes down and people continue suffering. What seems to be the macroeconomic trend is that population groups tend to have levels of school directly proportional to their Income, which again directs us to poverty.

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Education can prevent citizens from being unprepared to face the constant changes in the labor market, this may be achieved through regulatory educational policies that help the underdeveloped part of the population.Crime is not unfamiliar to Latin Americans, this now trivial occurrence stains their lives and keeps the seed of fear deep within them. In a situation of deep poverty, crime Is the easy way out. Education can not only help keep children and teenagers off the streets, but can facilitate paths for a crime-free future. Current studies show that a poor education can lead to proliferation in criminal behavior, and the expense of incarcerating an individual far overshadows the cost of providing an education for the same person.

In a situation where more tax money is spent in pursuing and capturing criminals, it’s only wise to invest in a long run solution: education. A ten percent Increase in the male graduation rate would reduce murder and assault arrest rates by about twenty percent, vehicle theft by thirteen percent, and arson by eight percent. L This alone can develop a culture of peace, equality and fairness, a utopia world we would all gladly live in.

Unemployment is yet another social issue that can increase exponentially and swallow any opportunity for growth or further velveteen in a society.Research developed by STEAL, the System for Information on Trends In Education In Latin America, has found that the part of the population with appliance of the educational system can steer society towards positive growth, centered around a successfully working unit that can produce better workers and create greater welfare. On the other hand, these workers will also create a more productive society that will eventually cause GAP per capita levels to increase, as well as economic expansion and the international status of the country in general.Education can very well create highly skilled workers, but that doesn’t eliminate the fact that the quantity of working positions remains low. Even though this refutation is true, we can logically deduce that a higher educated society is much more attractive for foreign direct investment, than a society whose average education level is high school. The newly instituted firms will create plenty of new positions for the now prepared workers and the cycle will continue until the whole of the society is functioning and working.Regrettably, education is not available to a great portion of the population; whether by location or because of the high expense receiving an education now entails. Despite the truth behind this argument, basic governmental education is quite affordable and even free in most countries; economic assistance has become a viable option.

Education must be seen as an investment for the future, the government should devote their resources to make each country a superior basis for education. Overall, education can greatly improve the standard of life in a population.It can not only drastically decrease the issues mentioned above, it can also create critical citizens with broader minds and a better understanding of the world around them; people who are not afraid of change and who can drive their nation to an intellectual future. “Education leads to a better future”, may be a clicheГ© but nevertheless a true clicheГ©. Reference: Merit, E. (October 2005).

Does education reduce participation in criminal activities? Research presented at the 2005 Symposium on the Social Costs of Inadequate Education. Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY.


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