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Good afternoon. As you know, my name is Jean Bains. I am a 32 year old expert marine biologist from India. Let me ask you this: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself when it comes to the sea and fish of this area? [pause] I’ve been studying marine biology and teaching students to improve their knowledge about the ocean life for more than 14years.

.I spent 7 years training people for rescue and scientific diving and other professionals who recognize the importance of marine biology, as well. For the next two minutes, I’d like to share with you some important considerations that I believe will help us survive together.Marine biology is the study of life in the oceans and other saltwater environments such as estuaries and wetlands. All plant and animal life forms are included from the microscopic picoplankton all the way to the majestic blue whale, the largest creature in the sea—and for that matter in the world. As a marine biologist, I believe I will be an important figure among all of you because I know the dangers that lurk under and above the sea- and since we are, unfortunately surrounded by thus, my knowledge will increase our survivability.

What might passably look like a rock to unwary people like you may turn out to be a venomous stonefish that will likely paralyze the victim and eventually kill him/her; Some of you may ingest unwanted toxins from a fish, might get injected with venom by a blue-ringed octopus or get stabbed by an unsuspected stingray and die- I’m the only one who’s standing between you and these perilous incidents. My alcoholism may seemingly pose as a problem, but fret not, experts say about 30% of people with an alcohol problem manage to reduce their drinking or abstain without seeking professional help. Luckily, I am one of the 30%.

I have managed to abstain drinking for 8 months now, I’ve proceeded to ask help by means of counseling and have treated my underlying problems. Plus, such dire circumstances will undeniably hasten my treatment. Furthermore, the island will most likely have no alcoholic beverages to taunt me, so I may focus more clearly. I will gladly share everything I know to sustain and preserve our resources so we may live.

“In the end we are all separate: our stories, no matter how similar, come to a fork and diverge. We are drawn to each other because of our similarities, but it is our differences we must learn to respect. ” Thank you.


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