Art 101 Essay

Ginny Hutnik March 3, 2013 Art/101 Reading Art – Understanding Iconography TIMOTHY KERLIN A brief explanation of the four roles of the artist According to the text in Chapter 1, there are four roles of the artist: 1) they help us to see the world in new and innovative ways; 2) they create a visual record of their time and place; 3) they make functional objects and structures more pleasurable by imbuing them with beauty and meaning; and ) they give form to the immaterial ideas and feelings. An explanation of why your work exemplifies one specific role, as discussed in Ch. 1 I have to say I looked up about Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451 I think it is fascinating. I believe that it seems to be another version of The Man of LaMancha, is a man is covered in the newspapers that was on a fire.

They made a choice of covering the man that was in the newspaper that was burning that made a lot of sense to the story and the book was about censorship.Joseph Mugnaini fulfills was a role number one that was helping the viewers to see that the world in news and innovative that there was ways to take the idea of a knight and then changing his armor to the newspaper. The ideas that was taking with old iconic character like the knight, and putting a new spin on how one should interpret his role. Maybe the knight is on fire because the knight is losing his battle and just like the main character in Bradbury’s novel.

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