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I have the most spectacular garden on my balcony. In the springtime, my garden is a riot of color and bursting fragrances. I have many kinds of garden, such as flower-garden, fruit-garden, and the garden of medicinal herbs. On this paper I will be telling you specifically about my favorite fruit garden on how to grow strawberries. I will tell you the history of strawberries, different type of strawberries, how to grow strawberries and tips and warning. Two year ago I wanted to find a great hobby and something interesting to me that will excite me and watch it grow. I bought me strawberry seeds packet.

I put them seeds in the big pot and last two springs they began to grow and now they are almost 5feet in height. At first, I thought, I am not a gardener so I do not know if these are weeds or real plants. I have never seen strawberry plants grow so tall. I hate to pull them up in the event they really are a strawberry plant. The leaves look like strawberry. Hahah but they smell like a weed. Well fortunately after two year of watering and mesmerizing my strawberry plant, I do happen to have “green thumb” after all, my strawberry plant now happen to be a small tree.

One of the best things about my strawberry tree is that there is something to admire all seasons on my balcony, long, shiny oval leaves contrast beautifully with the cinnamon colored flaking bark on the trunk and branches and the tree in good shape and have bearing huge strawberry fruits that my kids love to pick and eat. The origin and history of strawberry is a native plant of North America. The name ‘strawberry’, that it holds is derived from a farmers’ practice of mulching the plant with straw. There is one more theory about the origin of the word strawberry.

Strawberries being abundant in nature, was not cultivated as a cash-crop. Strawberries strewn among fallen leaves was a common sight in olden days. This might have led to the development of the word strawberry from the two words, ‘strewn’ and ‘berries’. In England, children used to pick strawberries scattered in the wild and sell them in local markets. In order to handle them properly, the strawberries were tied to pieces of straws. Varieties of strawberries are also found in Europe. The history of strawberry in Italy can be traced back to 234 BC.

The Europeans first discovered strawberry in the year 1588, in America. Since the fruit was easily available and abundant in the wild, the local Americans didn’t Growing strawberries in containers, garden pots or hanging baskets is easy and delicious. There really is nothing like the taste of a fresh-picked strawberry still warm from the sun – it’s like a mouthful of magic. Here’s what you need to know to get started growing strawberries in pots. Choosing a Pot – Strawberry pots are, not surprisingly, perfect for growing strawberries.

You can fit several plants in one pot, and is a particularly great way to grow strawberries if space is a consideration. Strawberries also look lovely in hanging baskets or ceramic pots. Whatever type of garden pot you use, make sure that it has good drainage. Choosing Strawberry Plants – There are four types of strawberries: June Bearing, Everbearing, and Day Neutral. The June Bearing strawberries are the traditional berry that produces a single crop in June or early spring, depending upon the area. The berries produce for about two to three weeks and are the largest berries.

Everbearing strawberries have two to three harvests: June, late summer and early fall. Everbearing have few runners and are a smaller berry. Day Neutral strawberries produce fruit throughout the summer months and, like Everbearing, the fruit is small with few runners. Everbearing and Day Neutral strawberries are good for limited spaces. day neutral and alpine. I like growing the alpine, day neutral or everbearing which provide a longer harvest season. The alpines and day neutral are lovely to look at – bearing small, bright red, tasty berries all season long. (www. colostate. du/Dept/CoopExt/4DMG/VegFruit/Fruits/strwbery. htm) Planting Strawberries in Pots – In early spring, fill your container with a good quality potting soil, adding a slow-release fertilizer, if the mix doesn’t already have it mixed in. Plant your strawberries just deep enough so that the soil level of the nursery pot is at the same level as your potting soil. Be careful not to put soil over the crown of your plant (which is where the plant meets the soil). Caring for Strawberries – plants will produce best in full sun, though some varieties of alpines and day neutral strawberries will tolerate part shade.

All strawberries need consistent water to thrive. Keep the soil moist, not wet. If possible, water in the morning or during the day, not in the evening, to prevent disease. Always test your soil for moisture before watering by sticking your finger in up to the second knuckle. If the soil feels dry, add water. Fertilize with a diluted liquid fertilizer every other week. I use an organic fish emulsion, seaweed combination. Tips and warning for your strawberry plants. Overwintering Strawberry Pots – If you live in a cold weather zone, move your strawberry containers into a protected area – preferably from 30-40 °F.

Check plants weekly, giving them just enough water so they don’t dry out completely. Place them outside in the spring. An optional PVC pipe or tube can be placed down the center of the pot before filling with soil mix and strawberry plants. This will help keep the strawberries from getting dried out. Strawberry plants are prone to being attacked by Aphids, Red Spider Mites. Use appropriate insecticides to treat the attacks on the strawberries. Strawberry plants also tend to develop powdery mildew. Keep the birds off the berry plants. They love the crop too. http://www. ehow. com/about_4572168_different-types-strawberries. html) What’s the first thought that comes to your mind, when you think of strawberries? In conclusion, it is probably of a mouth -watering dessert of strawberries mixed with fresh cream. My kids love picking fresh ripe strawberries, dipping them over chocolate. Strawberries serve more than just fulfilling the sweet tooth. They are packed with health benefits, making a nutritious fruit for mind and body. No garden should be without strawberries. They’re beautiful, easy to grow.


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