As far back as microfinance has been started in Bangladesh in the mid-1970s

As far back as microfinance has been started in Bangladesh in the mid-1970s, which has offered credit to the poorer area to help self dependent work and small business creation in the rural areas of Bangladesh. These days, micro fund is huge news in worldwide improvement. Besides the poverty remission function of micro finance, it has been gone for building up an environment to enrich the social and economic wellbeing of women in Bangladesh. Presently microfinance program has moved toward becoming increasingly common as a poverty reduction and empowering women in developing countries as well as around the world. A large number of these projects specially focusing on women, with the view that they are more credit compelled than men, have restricted access to the wage work advertise and immaterial power in family decision-production. The Grameen Bank (GB) is the best-known example of microfinance programs for poor people in Bangladesh. Since Grameen Bank has started its operations in Bangladesh, most of its borrowers were female and additionally Grameen Bank (GB) is acclaimed for its role in introducing a new era of women’s empowerment through micro credit programs in Bangladesh. Except for Grameen Bank (GB) Presently, Bangladesh flaunts an extensive number of well known microfinance organizations (MFIs) counting Bangladesh Country Advancement Committee (BRAC), Association for Social Advancement (ASA), PROSHIKA etc.


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