As Montresor continues to build a wall around me

As Montresor continues to build a wall around me, I get more and more worried. At first, I thought that he was trapping me as a joke, something to laugh about later. Now, I cannot be so sure. We have always been good friends, why would he turn on me now? All sorts of thoughts cloud my head and I cannot think straight. I hear Montresor calling my name, “Fortunato!” (20), but for some reason I cannot respond. He calls out again, “Fortunato!” (20). The most I can do is move my head enough to jingle the bells on my hat. There is only one empty spot left in the barrier. He would not bury me alive, would he? This is so confusing! What would make him hate me so much that he would want to kill me? He fills in the last block and I am surrounded by darkness. After a while, I cannot tell how long I have been here for. My mind is crowded with questions, so many questions. Why is he mad at me? What could I have possibly done wrong? Then I think about my family, and how much I will miss them. With these thoughts, I slowly feel myself slip away.


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