As the current worldwide leader in the smartphone market

As the current worldwide leader in the smartphone market , Samsung hasn’t always been the dominant that it is today.In June 2009, the company entered the smartphone market with its android Samsung Galaxy smartphone (Hill, 2013) , the Samsung i7500. The original Galaxy did not make an impact in the smartphone industry, so the company reworked the phone’s design and quality. The updated phone was introduced as the Samsung Galaxy S – a high-end premium smartphone – in the summer of 2010. It was a success and sold over 24 million units and became a competitive threat to HTC Desire and iPhone devices. The company continued to innovate and in 2011 they launched new Galaxy models to capture different aspects of the market (Hill, 2013). Samsung’s most popular Galaxy smartphone – the Galaxy S2 – has sold more than 40 million since its release, winning award and gaining global recognition. With a focus on speed , design, battery life , display and responsiveness ,the Galaxy brand became widely known in the market, Samsung expanded the brand by releasing tablets and hybrid phones and enjoyed success with its Galaxy Note and Galaxy tablet in 2011 (Hill, 2013). Nowadays, Samsung Galaxy is one of the most recognisable mobile phone brands and competes directly with Apple’s line of high-class iPhones.


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