As we observe that in private sector

As we observe that in private sector, English language is being taught from nursery to university level of education. But the oral skills are not focused only reading and writing are taught as necessary skill and speaking is almost ignored that is why the troubles remain increasing as students are unable to communicate correctly in English. Even if we need a good reputation in informational society and need to land extraordinary position we should have command on English. That is the reason among all skill; speaking aptitude is the most basic capacity in everyday of life. But the understudies of university level cannot comprehend and unfit to impart in English as they should as demonstrate by their educational standard. They have a trend to think it as an impossible attempt to achieve the English speaking proficiency. Additionally, most of the students think English as a ‘Subject’ to pass rather a language to speak which is one of the obvious reasons behind the inefficiency in this oral skill. More over it is a big dilemma that students feel hesitation in speaking English language. Though teachers emphasize on speaking English language, but in Pakistan, system of education at basic level is not satisfactory that is why students feel difficulty in speaking English at post graduate level. For this reason, this study aims to identify the problems faced by students during speaking English language.


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