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Statelier. Com is a company providing travel services over the internet. The e- business was established in 1995, and aimed to provide a one stop service for customers to plan their travel itinerary, for both business and leisure. According to the company’s chairman, Mr. Bob Twang Pooh in his annual report 2004 and 2012, after the Cars and bird flue crisis in 2003, Statelier. Com revenue had increased from SAG 39.

6 million to over SOCIO million in 2011. (Statelier. Com, 2004). The company had grown so much, since it was listed in 2001 and showed the growing trend Off- commerce over the last decade.

It proves that people are becoming more and more comfortable to do internet transactions to make purchases. E-commerce or e- business offers a huge market for businesses to take advantage of. It has revolutionized the way people plan their travels. This essay describes how Statelier. Com makes use of e-commerce for its BIB business, how it includes the good elements in the website, payment system and security, as well as identifies other elements that the company can consider to make the website better. 2.

Business to Business to Consumer model (BBC) With reference to the e-commerce model of Statelier. M, by the nature of the transactions and the relationships among participants, Statelier. Com can be classified as Business to Business to Consumer (BBC) e-commerce model. BBC is described as a combination of BIB and BBC transactions for complete product or service transactions. It is also a collaboration process that creates mutually beneficial service and product delivery channels. According to C Janssen in an article from Technophobia, “BBC is a business model where e-commerce businesses and portals, reach new markets and customers by partnering with consumer oriented product and service businesses”.Cited. Http://www.

Technophobia. Com/definition/23169/ business-to-business-to-consumer-BBC) 2. 1 .

Business to Business Model In BIB transactions, Statelier. Com and its business partners collaborate to create demands and customer oriented product. According to Statelier. Com annual report 2012, the company collaborated with over 100,000 hotels worldwide and more than 200 airlines to generate customer sales through its website.

(Statelier. Com 2012 Annual Report, up. 10) Surprisingly, it has a huge number of business partners worldwide and this has benefited the company in its E-commerce business.

Hotels ND airlines, through partnership with Statelier. Com, are able to generate sales of products and services which are more customer-oriented from the website. For instance, the website acts as a central location, which provides services for airline electronic ticketing and instant confirmation to note bookings. Consumers need not do separate bookings for both services, thus improving the services from both the airline and the hotels. This is supported by Werner et al. (2004, poppy), who mentioned that in the BIB transaction, businesses combine forces and promote mutually beneficial products and services.

. . Business to Customer Model Statelier. Com, in turn sells the product and services from the airline and hotels to the en-consumer. This can be classified as BBC e-commerce model, which stands for business to consumers. Statelier. Com thus acts as channel to locate potential customers on behalf of the hotels and airlines, to increase their customer base, This, in turn, will increase the market and revenue for both hotels and airlines. This BBC model adopted by Statelier.

Com can also be considered as an E-tailing. As described by Mr..At the end of the day, priority will always be given o fulfill customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this, we have identified the following positive elements that Statelier. Com website has offered.

3. 1. User Friendly User friendliness is one of the most important elements for any website.

Statelier. Com website directs customers directly from the main page to the service that they would like to purchase. With Just a single click of a hotel for instance, the website will link the customer to another page with information on availability, prices and user reviews. From the same web page, bookings can be made immediately.A white background adds to the cleanliness of the website. This enables customers to browse the website comfortably without hurting or stressing their eyes.

Logos and pictures are placed above the word for easy recognition. (Cited http:// www. Webs. Com/blob/2012/02128/6-key-elements-to-a-good-website/, 12 April 2013). 3. 2. 0% Installment Plans According to the Singapore Department of Statistics in the “Consumer Credit of Singapore Household Report”, more than half of the credit expenses by Gingersnaps were installment credits, and the trend and increased over a period to 3 years. up 1).

Statelier. Mom recognizes this trend and offers customers to take up a 0% interest free installment plan, a scheme that allows customers to purchase a product using their credit cards, but pay in installments, without incurring any interest from the bank. Although limited to certain credit cards from Singapore, this scheme opens up the spending power of consumers, who may be more willing to transact more, knowing that they will be slowly paying off the purchases over a fixed period. This becomes the differentiating factor for Statelier. Com, as compared to other travel websites.

3. 3.Best Price Guaranteed Statelier. Mom guarantees consumers that they offer the best price for all their products. Their commitment in providing the best value for the customers is very much commendable.

In the event if customer is able to obtain the same package from other websites at a lower price, the company will match or even offer a better price for the customer. This is provided that the bargain is based on the same property, room type, bedding configuration, check-in and check-out date as well as the same terms and condition using the same payment mode. (Available from http:// www. Statelier. Mom/en-us/info/price-guarantee. HTML). This gives the customers more confidence in Statelier. Com that the company is offering the best value.

Again, this policy plays a part in consumer purchasing decision, as consumers feel more assured on Statelier. Coma’s competitive pricing. 3. 4. Payment Customization Statelier.

Com offers the flexibility for users to pay using the currency of choice. This is a unique differentiator, as compared to other e-commerce websites. According to] Epstein (2004, p 1 1), customization can be a powerful differentiating factor, as customers decide on their choice of purchase.This in turn could build loyalty amongst customers and can be perceived as going an extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction.

As preference differs from customers to customers, it is a good initiative in the part of Statelier. Com to offer any feasible feature for customer convenience. 3. 5. Call Centre and Real World Presence J. Epstein (2004, IPPP) states that some companies found that certain e-commerce businesses must be coupled by a real-world presence.

Both channels must complement each other to provide the necessary level of service. Statelier. Com adopted this strategy.


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