ASSIGNMENT-1 Principle and practice of engineering education 2018 Page 1 Full Name

Principle and practice of engineering education 2018 Page 1
Full Name: Netra Gundappa Yaligar, Dept: VLSI Design And Embedded System
Gender: F, Industrial Experience: 0 Years, Academic Experience: 0 Years,
Date: 16/03/2018
Pre work questions:
1. Are you considering pursuing an academic career? If yes, please specify what steps you
plan to take to become an effective teacher and researcher.
No, I just want to gain more knowledge in my interested domain and some practical
experience in industry.
2. Do you think a course on principles and practices in engineering education would help in
starting your teaching career? If yes, please elaborate.
Yes, because in throughout of our education we have never learnt about what are the
principles behind our education but in this subject it teaches and help us in building our
3. According to you, what are the major goals of engineering education? Enlist3 goals.
Major goals are:
a. Professional development to support career objective.
b. To understand social and economical relation with engineering.
c. To know the basic scientific principles, analysis, experimental studies, modeling and
design etc
4. Define “learning” and “student-centered learning”
a. Learning:
Learning is acquiring knowledge by study and experience.
b. Student-centered learning:
Based on the student significance acknowledging student as fundamental for a
learning experience and students choose how and what they want to learn, access the

Principle and practice of engineering education 2018 Page 2
5. Teaching Philosophy Statements:
Teaching most pleasurable lifelong learning practice . teaching the student from the basics
and once the students learnt the basics its easy to apply for N of applications and teacher
should encourage students to showcase their individual ability. If the class sessions are
interactive then class most likely to be expendable boundaries of knowledge . By funny
technical games to make students think sharply with good moral.
As teacher they should make student to recognize potential of each student and should
teaches to reach their highest standards. and to make them learn goals and responsibility to
the society. If I would thought of becoming teacher I wish to use all updated technologies for
teaching and with practical knowledge. Providing notes , sample questions and making
students curious, interest and to motivate for further study.
Major goals are effective teaching and engaging the student with critical thinking as well as
improving communication skills.
Ultimate goal of teaching the students in such way that skillfully developing the
knowledge to them.

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