Assignment on Industrial Relations, Bangladesh Essay

Executive Summary:Industrial dealingss is used to denote the corporate relationships between direction and the workers. Traditionally. the term industrial dealingss is used to cover such facets of industrial life as trade unionism. corporate bargaining. workers’ engagement in direction. subject and grudge handling. industrial differences and reading of labour Torahs and regulations and codification of behavior.

The term industrial dealingss explain the relationship between employees and direction which stem straight or indirectly from union-employer relationship.“Theoretical Framework”Harmonizing to NCL ( The National Commission on Labor ) . industrial dealingss affect non simply the involvements of the two participants- labour and direction. but besides the economic and societal ends to which the State reference itself.Industrial dealingss has become one of the most delicate and complex jobs of modern industrial society.

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Industrial advancement is impossible without cooperation of labours and harmonious relationships. Therefore. it is in the involvement of all to make and keep good dealingss between employees ( labour ) and employers ( direction ) . There are advantages of good Industrial dealingss and its impact in the industry every bit good as in the society.

The healthy industrial dealingss is the key to the advancement and success. Their significance and aims may be discussed as under –To safeguard the involvement of labour and direction by procuring the highest degree of common apprehension and good-will among all those subdivisions in the industry which participate in the procedure of production.To avoid industrial struggle and develop harmonious dealingss. which are an indispensable factor in the productiveness of workers and the industrial advancementof a state. To raise productiveness to a higher degree in an epoch of full employment by decreasing the inclination to high turnover and frequence absenteeism.

To extinguish or minimise the figure of work stoppages. lockouts by supplying sensible rewards. improved life and on the job conditions. said fringe benefits.

To better the economic conditions of workers in the bing province of industrial directions and political authorities.Socialization of industries by doing the province itself a major employerVesting of a proprietary involvement of the workers in the industries in which they are employed.Good industrial dealingss guarantee continuity of production. The resources are to the full utilised which ensuing in the maximal possible production.Good industrial dealingss cut down the industrial differences. It provides equal satisfaction by procuring basic human impulses or motives.

Good industrial dealingss improve the morale of the employees. Every worker feels that he is a co-owner of the additions of industry.The chief object of industrial relation is a complete mental revolution of workers and employees. Both should believe themselves as spouses of the industry and the function of workers in such a partnership should be recognized. On the other manus. workers must acknowledge employer’s authorization. It will of course hold impact on production because they recognize the involvement of each other.

Good industrial dealingss are maintained on the footing of cooperation and acknowledgment of each other and cut down the wastage of adult male.

stuff and machines and therefore national involvement is protected. An industrial difference may be defined as a struggle or difference of sentiment between direction and workers on the footings of employment. It is a dissension between an employer and employees’ representative ; normally a trade brotherhood.

over wage and other on the job conditions and can ensue in industrial actions. When an industrial difference occurs. both the parties.

that is the direction and the workingmans. seek to supercharge each other. The direction may fall back to lockouts while the workers may fall back to work stoppages. picketing or gherao’s. Harmonizing to the Bangladesh Labor Act ( BLA ) 2006 Sec 2 ( 62 ) Industrial differences means the difference arising of naming or non naming individual or service status or work conditions or environment between the proprietor and the worker or among the workers.

The causes of industrial differences can be loosely classified into two classs: economic and non-economic causes. The economic causes will include issues associating to compensation like rewards. fillip. allowances.

and conditions for work. on the job hours. go forth and vacation without wage.

unfair layoffs and retrenchments. The non economic factors will include victimization of workers. ill intervention by staff members. sympathetic work stoppages. political factors. undiscipline etc.

Wagess and allowances: Since the cost of populating index is increasing. workers by and large bargain for higher rewards to run into the lifting cost of populating index and to increase their criterions of life. Forces and retrenchment: The forces and retrenchment have besides been an of import factor which accounted for differences.Indiscipline and force: It is apparent that the figure of differences caused by undiscipline. Bonus: Bonus has ever been an of import factor in industrial differences. Leave and working hours: Leafs and working hours have non been so of import causes of industrial differences.Assorted: The assorted factors include: -– Inter/Intra Union Rivalry– Charter of Demands– Work Load– Standing orders/rules/service conditions/safety steps– Non-implementation of understandings and awards etc.

“Recommendation”There is a adage.

“Prevention is better than cure” . Organization should follow with local jurisprudence and educate ain resources for betterment of Industrial Relations. Knowledge based preparation can set excess attempt.Cost film editing has become the top concern of any established Organization. So. outsourcing any occupation to third party organisation has become popular worldwide. Government should work for this and supply guideline for sourcing. Because.

parent company is non responsible for 3rd party resources if any issue arise. So here is range for making or amend policy. Third party resources give less range for Trade Union and CBA patterns which may make vulnerable state of affairs in our Industry.It’s our ain duty to follow with jurisprudence in every facet in our Industry.

Social consciousness may helpful for this.Grievance Handling ProcessGrudge agencies. “cause of edginess and ailment ; a incorrect done and suffered ; that which gives land for expostulation or opposition. as originating from injustice” . When we studied several organisations. people from their unable to supply exact transcript on Employee Grievance. Our treatment with them gave below mentioned typical scenario.

1. Procedure followed by BLA 20062. Grudges should be proceed by following HR prescribed Employee Grievance Procedure Form 3. The employee should finish a grudge process signifier with inside informations. 4. Phases – 1 ) supervisor/line director. 2 ) Head of Division 3 ) HR 4 ) Final phase. Top Mgt.

RestrictionOpenness of information is a sort of restriction. When we tried to seek information of several constitution. it’s difficult to acquire in written format.

Besides. we have to accept study from nameless employees from several employees. Ministry should organize a cardinal information bank where every Organization’s HR policy will be archived.


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