Attributes: Problem Solving and Chosen Field Essay

The technological Institute of the Philippines holds a graduate attribute were every students should attain and adapt before leaving the said institution. This Attributes are the goals posted by the school in where the students should use for their future living. Attributes are: Professional Competence, psychology achieved this through using of elements that re connected to our chosen field.Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills, by essays on examinations and quizzes, our skills in problem solving and thinking were developed and through oral recitation our mind is functioning as fast as we could and gives us a conclusion to a problem. Communication Skills, English was the used language that helps us to be fluent and be familiarized with some deep and unknown words.

And through researches our own dictionary became broad because of some undefined words that we are reading.Lifelong Learning, Mr. Naz is always posting different scenarios in which are happening in our own life and after we are about to reflect and relate on what he want us to know. Social and Ethical Responsibility, with this he is always reminding us that we should respect their people and when we see each other outside the class he is looking at us and give a smile eventhough he didn’t say a word we understood that we should give a smile back as a sign of respect to him as our professor.Productivity, our uture was always tackled in this scope, what are the job that will fit on our chosen field was always raised.

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Programmers to us, Information Technology students. Interpersonal skills, was based on reporting, team-building, with this handling a team I important, reporting is alike of this, handling the class and b responsible on what are the other students are doing, are they listening or just sleeping. With this we are able to enhance our skills to have better communication skills and also better leadership skills as well.


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