August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains Sample Essay

“In the kitchen the breakfast range gave a hushing suspiration and ejected from its warm interior eight pieces of absolutely browned toast. eight eggs cheery side up. 16 pieces of bacon. two javas. and two cool spectacless of milk. ” ( Bradbury. 906 ) Is this the house we have imagined? “There Will Come Soft Rains” says that. yes. we can construct brilliant machines: beautiful houses to provide to our every demand. a 1000 retainers at our beck and call. yet what benefit will they be at the terminal? When we fry ourselves into little radioactive fragments because we can sooner reinforced houses fit for Gods. so larn to populate in peace with our fellow persons. what good will our machines be to us so?

In this essay. the loyal household Canis familiaris searched uselessly for his Masterss. The house tried in vain to salvage itself from the fires. but their attempts to salvage their Masterss were farcical. for the maestro race had exterminated itself and left the retainers all entirely. impotent. Not one of man’s creative activities could stand at the twenty-four hours of thinking and salvage him from extinction- nor would many mourn his transition. This is a humbling idea that our planet would last rather good without us. Were we to free it of our presence. and that in merely a short piece. it would about be as if we had ne’er existed at all.

Timess have changed since the authorship of “There Will Come Soft Rains” . when the menace of atomic extinction seemed more existent than it is now. But should we read it merely as a chilling position of what the hereafter might hold been? One thing in man’s favour: he is clever ; and in contriving new ways of doing his species extinct he has in many ways surpassed himself.

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If non by atomic war. than humanity could die in tonss of other manners: pollution could choke our nutrient supply or kill the workss that produce our O. or we could utilize up all our resources and be left with one million millions of people and the substructure to back up less than one thousandth of that figure. or we could destruct our ambiance and allow natural radiation kill us. A lunatic or a terrorist might engineer a virus to kill all gay sapiens. or one might be loosed on accident by a unthreatening superb sap. And how impossible truly is a atomic holocaust? It is non merely the big world powers that are constructing up armories now. but every small state with psychotic beliefs of magnificence ; the more atomic warheads around. the more opportunity that person will utilize one.

The most prodigious abuse to man’s pride in our “New World Order” . in our reading of comparative composure as true peace. in our belief in the circus of being on the brink of true and permanent security. is that the terminal could come by an accident: a careless error. a deathly misinterpretation. a fatal deficiency of communicating. a failure to move when the ability to forestall a awful catastrophe would be within our appreciation. In our haughtiness we do non see the thin rope that we walk. and so we continue gleefully with our mundane personal businesss. constructing our lives of luxury and our palaces in the air. Until one twenty-four hours our errors cause everything our race has of all time achieved to be obliterated. That our society is designed so that such annihilation could come by accident proves how unstable our state of affairs has proven to be that “There Will Come Soft Rains” has the really existent possibility of going our hereafter. if our certitude in our immortality persists. “Today is August 5. 2026. today is August 5. 2026. today is…” ( Bradbury. 911 ) but nobody replies ; This can be our existent hereafter.


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