Augustine was propounder of secular ideas of natural law

Augustine was propounder of secular ideas of natural law. He was one of the first Christian philosopher who gave christian theory of natural law. He was familiar with stoic philosophy and with the Cicero. Augustine in his writing spoke about law as Cicero. Where, he talked about lex temporalis which derived eternal law and it cannot be a law if any legislation fails to fulfil this qualities will not be a valid legislation. Later, in De Vera Religione he said that if any legislation that fails to fulfil the qualities of eternal law will be not considered as invalid but will be considered as temporal legislator to be one who is wise and can learn eternal law in such a way that he can apply it according to the changing rules. According to Augustine, this change is due to transformed understanding of the existence of man. He considered man as a foreigner whose real home lies somewhere else and which can only have link by hope. No human institution could be an agency of perfection.


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