Auto, coal agreements reached Essay

The United Auto Workers has reached an agreement with General
Motors, and bargaining has shifted to the Ford Motor Co. A feature of
the UAW–GM contract is a job security provision which guarantees that
workers with at least 1 year of service will not be laid off because of
the introduction of new technology, “outsourcing,” negotiated
productivity improvements, shifting of work from one GM plant to
another, or the consolidation of component production.

The United Mine Workers and the Bituminous Coal Operators
Association settled peacefully on a 40-month contract. Union president
Rich Trumka said the contract contained “no concessions, absolutely
none.” An industry official described the contract as “fair
and modest.”

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Detailed provisions of the UAW/Bituminous Coal Operators
Association and UAW/GM–Ford agreements will appear in the December
Monthly Labor Review.


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