Autobiography – creative writing Essay

On Saturday the 28th of December, I was born in Guernsey. I don’t know what happened, apart from the fact that I was born prematurely by a month. The first memory I can really remember is when my Dad first took me dinghy sailing. I was only four so in a way the sea was scary. My Dad got the boat ready and helped me with my lifejacket. Then we were off; it was amazing we went so fast. My Dad showed me what to do; he even let me steer. We zoomed around the harbour looking at all the boats. We tried to guess where they came from by looking at their flags.

From that day, I have loved sailing. My next memory that I can call to mind is when I was seven. It was Christmas time. My auntie and two cousins came for a holiday from Australia. It was a hilarious Christmas. The best part was waking up on Christmas morning. Ben the youngest cousin woke me up at five in the morning to say that Santa had delivered our stockings. He was so excited I thought he was going to burst. I got up and went with him to wake up his brother, Peter. We took our stockings and sat on my bed opening the treasures inside.

It was brilliant we received everything we wanted. Afterwards we played with our new toys until our parents woke up. It was the best Christmas ever. My third memory is when I got my fish when I was ten. I hadn’t any other pets so having fish was going to be a treat. I had already made the tank ready for the fish as they were arriving from Guernsey by air. My mum and I went to collect them; they were in a plastic bag looking very lonely. I called them the five little Lilies, as they were so small, you couldn’t tell which was which.

They were very pretty; they had a striking red stripe on them and a blue head. When we put them in the tank they all hovered together but as they became braver, they spread out and started to explore their new surroundings. I loved them. Later on, we added more fish, which made the tank alive with activity. I think fish the best pets ever. A later memory is when I went to my second Guide Camp. It was at Foxlease, which is near the New Forest. I went with five friends, Abby, Emma, Claudie, Vanessa and Rebecca. We went to The Nature Camp.

We all thought it was going to be great but it turned out to be a nightmare. To start with, our tents were soaked with mud and water with loads of puddles inside where we were supposed to sleep. It was disgusting. Luckily my Godmother, who lived near by bought us a massive bag of sweets, which we hid in our bags for supplies, as the food was revolting. Unfortunately, I was ill after the first day so I had to be sent home. I did not go home alone though. Abby, Emma, Vanessa and Claudie all came too as they hated it there. So did I really.

This memory has stuck in my mind as it was a horrible experience and I will never go camping again apart from in the back garden! Probably my most recent memory is when I fed a silvery marmoset a live maggot. It was an amazing experience. It all happened at Jersey Zoo. I had raised two hundred pounds over three years so as a thank-you they let me go into the tamarins and marmoset enclosure. A zookeeper took my mum and me in. She started to shake a box; all the monkeys came leaping towards us. She opened the box and showed us what was in there.

It was maggots; they were squirming and wriggling all over the place. She picked one up and held it up to the marmoset that greedily took it and ate it. She gave me a maggot and told me to hold out my hand, sure enough a marmoset came and took it from me. I was amazed that they would come so close to humans and trust them. I love going to the zoo. Some day I would like to be a zoologist and work there but that’s in the future and this is now. You never know, someday I might be writing about working in a zoo. Well I can dream!


I'm Tamara!

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