Avatar the movie Essay

In the movie Avatar the military was sent to an unknown planet that is known to be “sitting on a pile of gold”. The military troops were trying to drive out a group of foreign beings, and their only connection to their ancestors, by any means. Money is to blame for a lot of suffering in this world. wealth causes a standard to be set such as rich, middle class, and poor. Money causes people to do almost anything because if you don’t have it you cannot live or survive. Money sometimes becomes more important than water and food .

People will do everything and anything to have it. In avatar the avatar people minded their own business taking joy in the things of life. If they killed an animal they said a prayer and used every part of the beast. The military is suppose to protect us from invaders that choose to hurt loved ones by any means necessary. How will we be able to tell if our military leaders are corrupt, and dangerous, but if they fight back they will call treason on them person that spoke their mind.

In Avatar the avatar people didn’t have any weapons of any kind enough to put another race out of extinction. The only weapons they used were knives, a bow and arrow, and themself. Maybe they didn’t know of how to make weapons or bombs, or maybe they knew how but knew its would corrupt them and thought it is unnecessary. When they found out that Jake was a part of the sky people plotting against them, they quickly captured them and were going to kill them. They don’t liars, thieves, and murderers.

The only reason they let them go was because they believed that since they helped the evil force plot against the innocent avatar people that they could stop them from attacking them. The movie avatar shows in the beginning how they didn’t cared because you need to get the money in order to survive that it was ok for the military so do what they did. It turned out that it wasn’t ok because the avatar people had feelings, religion, children, everything a normal and thriving society has. I believe that you have no right to move someone out of where they live because you want whats on they’re land.

Its greed that drives some people in this world and when they get into a status of high social power, and wealth and their wants are not pleased they will do anything and everything in order to try to fill the hole in their heart. People that believe in hurting someone else in to make them feel good should be taking off from a place of high power. Its people with greed in their heart with money on their mind, and an unpleased desire that causes this world to become a horrible place. If we can erase that we will be as happy as the avatar people.


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