Backgrounds of the Framework This research has aimed to design cloud-based framework that serves the agricultural sector in Ethiopia

Backgrounds of the Framework
This research has aimed to design cloud-based framework that serves the agricultural sector in Ethiopia. To do this, Firstly, we have studied how the current agricultural sector operations are performed and the agricultural activities which are possible for the integrated service delivery. Secondly, the cloud computing technology which helps to develop the framework has been identified. The main objective of this framework is:- to collect data or information from various users, to analyze the information and create various classes based on the information required, to store the classified information in cloud repository for future use. to response the user query based on information stored in repository.
In literature review and result in discussion section, we have presented the requirements to develop the proposed solution. Based on that assessment the public cloud deployment model is chosen as the deployment model and software as service models are chosen as a cloud service delivery models. In this proposed system we have used multiple data center architecture to protect the entire site/application from being negatively affected by some type of network/power failure, lack of available resources, or service outage that’s specific to a particular datacenter.
4.2. Building the Framework
The proposed framework is the key mechanism that ensures the resource manager can assist largeamount of request without violating SLA. The service of agriculture divided into three types
SaaS(software as a service), PaaS(platform as a service), IaaS( Infrustrure as a service). In SaaS,
user interface is designed in which user can interact with and Aneka is a .Net based as a calable
cloud middleware between cloud subsystem and user subsystem. We deployed agriculture web
service of Agro-Info to provide user interface through Aneka cloud application platform in
which user can access service from any geographical location and information is classified,
stored into cloud repositories and retrieved based on user request at platform level. In IaaS,
resource manager manages the resource based on the identified QoS requirements of a particular
request. Framework of Agro-Info comprises following two subsystems: i) user subsystem and ii) cloud subsystem.


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