Bad Influential Advertisements Essay

Why are children learning bad habits? Well facts do not lie. Advertisements are getting worst because they have expose children to drugs, guns, and sexual activity. Advertisements must be censored in order to limit inappropriate exposure to today’s youth.

First, advertisements have been too influential to the youth with alcohol. Alcohol is the leading drug throughout young people. Research has proven that underage drinkers are most likely to have problems in the long run.

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Miller Lite, Corona Extra beer, Coors Light, Hennessy Cognacs, Guinness beers, Samuel Adams beers, Bud Light, and Smirnoff vodkas are leading drinking beers that young teens drink,”(The Over exposers). “Too many Americans consider underage drinking a rite of passage to adulthood,” says former acting Surgeon General Kenneth Moritsugu. That is why teens think it is okay to drink. Advertisements need to cut down some because what the economy might come to if young adults keep drinking.Even though, some people might say it is not the advertisements fault because teens have been influenced but there have research that teens have been targeted.

Not all alcohol brands advertise the same. A numerous number of brands are responsible for nearly half of all the youth overexposure to alcohol ads. “Even though alcohol advertisements are meant for adults 36% percent youth exposers see it 48% youth over exposers sees it and only 30% percent of adult see it,”(The Over exposers). Most of the advertisements influencing teens come from television.

Secondly, violence has been an issue for the society also. Kids have seen game advertisements and played games that have promoted gun violence and about time they get to a young adult they get interest into guns. Advertisements that promote such things have an emotional and mental effect on teens. What children grow up around and watch impacts them negatively.

They are overexposed and their experiencing the world through someone else point of view of guns. Children see advertisements of violent games that show shooting and thinks it is something cool to do.Advertisements are influencing young adults/teens into wanting the wrong thing. They should be influencing them into education but instead their showing weapons that is tearing the society apart. The more they see guns in advertisements and on commercials the more they want them. How do the gov’t want communities if they exposing guns to the youth? That makes no sense because that just leads to more violence in the community. Lastly, advertisements have been too sexually exposed to young teens.

Commercials advertise products using a sex method to get consumers to be interested into what they are selling. There are serious impacts from this kind of advertising back on society—unrealistic expected of women’s bodies and results into body image problems, sexual and domestic violence, sexism being reinforced as an acceptable form of behavior (many advertisements are sexist). ” Product use advertisements with sexual actions or phrases to win over the consumer. Advertisements take a simple commercial and turn it into a sexist commercial.

Producers just need to take a little off the commercials so that it will not expose to much sexual actions to the youth.Some parents may not want their child to learn such acts when their young teens. Sex appeal in advertising has become a major issue due to its negative effects on children’s self-esteem, and body image of their young minds into buying company products, such as, condoms. In conclusion, advertisements are influencing the teens negatively and it is leading to more trouble day by day. They are exposing children to guns, alcohol, and sexual activity. Advertisements need to be more cautions with what they are displaying on television to the youth.

To some it all up advertisements just need to clean up their act.


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