Bad times Essay

Have you ever been caught up in a stampede? It all started with a trip to the farm. Mum asked me if I wanted to go and see some animals and I, being a typical three year old, jumped at the chance.When we arrived at the farm, a show was on, with animals in separate pens in a big field. It was a hot day so we decided to get some ice creams- it was just the average family day out. Suddenly my baby brother started crying, something was wrong.

We all rushed around the pushchair and looked inside. To our relief it was only his ice cream, fallen out onto his lap.While my parents were trying to wipe the ice cream off my brothers clothes, I wandered away to look at some cows that I had spotted earlier. They were huge and brown, with big, deep, brown eyes. I was so transfixed by this cow that I failed to notice the farmer slowly opening the gate behind me.I felt something brush my arm. Another thing rammed into my back, knocking me to the floor. They were all around me now, what seemed like hundreds of huge creatures, a couple more came dangerously close to trampling to me.

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I looked up to see that one of the animals was coming straight towards me. It wasn’t going to avoid me. I scrambled desperately to get out of the way but one of its sharp hooves stomped onto my arm, I screamed in pain as another beast narrowly avoided steeping on my head. I saw someone rushing towards me, it was my dad.As he lifted me clear of the animals I got a better look at them. They were sheep.

Only sheep, but in the eyes of a three year old they could have been anything.


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