Banerjee, Ankur and Verma, Swati. (2018, September 21). Duke Shuts Down Natgas Plant Due To Florence Floods, Coal Ash Leak Feared. Retrieved September 26, 2018, from

This article talks about the Duke Energy Corp. natural gas power plant shutting down in North Carolina. It shut down due to the flooding from hurricane Florence that hit two weeks ago. The flooding lead to the water rising above and breaching the dam at the Sutton plant. Due to the flooding, this plant may have coal ash leaking into nearby waters. This leakage caused the plant to shut down and water is slowly exiting the premises from multiple exit points.

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Duke Energy Corp. has announced the problem has remains stable. The flooding from hurricane Florence is far from over; the flooding is expected to last several more days. Not only did Duke announce the coal ash leak from the Sutton plant, but they also announced there are two more leaks at the retired plant in Wilmington, North Carolina. Federal officials worry that the coal ash could be leaking into rivers near the pits where coal ash is stored. The possibly contaminated water has not been checked yet due to the flooding. The company plans on working with the Department of Transportation to conduct flyovers. They would gather samples from the water and test it for coal ash contamination. The company mentioned the coal ash has the possibility of contaminating Cape Fear River. Coal ash contamination could affect the sea animals and wildlife that use the contaminated waters for survival. Now, there is ongoing work to secure the lowland sites in North Carolina so the potential for another coal ash leak is not a risk anymore.

This article relates to both chapter three and four talking about preparedness and mitigation. In chapter three when it talks about the structural controls the dams at the Sutton plant relate to this section. The dams were the structures trying to prevent a situation like this from happening, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. It also relates to mitigation in chapter three from hurricane Florence and how the company is working on making the lowland sites safe and secure. In relation to chapter four, it relates to preparedness by shutting down the plant and testing the water to check for coal ash contamination. It also relates to the finance section because they lost money from the dam failure and shutting down and not being able to continue on work. Lastly, the company is using a form of the preparedness cycle to access, plan, exercise, and solve the coal ash contamination to figure out the situation.


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