Barbara Boxer Democrat Senator for California Essay

On November 2, 2010, the citizens of California will make a decision that will strongly affect their state. Democrat Barbara Boxer and Republican Carly Fiorina are vying for a seat in the Senate to represent the state of California. Holding this seat since 1992 is Barbara Boxer, an experienced politician who is willing to fight everyday for the rights of American citizens. Boxer was elected to the House of Representatives in 1982 and later to the Senate in 1992, being reelected in 1998 and 2004.

While running for her third consecutive term in office, Boxer received the highest vote total for any Senate candidate in the history of the United States, further exemplifying her dedication, determination and relationship with the citizens of California. [1] Barbara Boxer helped to bring overseas profits back to America by supporting and securing a tax incentive; Invest in the USA Act will reduce the corporate tax rate for a one-year period if the funds were to be reinvested in the United States.

Boxer fought for funding for community police and the Economic Development Agency, which will stimulate job creation in economically distressed areas of the state. The current president of the United States, Barack Obama, backs Boxer stating that he is optimistic because he knows “there are people like Barbara Boxer and the Senate who’s fighting to change this senate for the better; Having Barbara Boxer as subcompact senator, passionate about fighting for jobs, clean energy reform and greet jobs that can’t be outsourced”. 2] With the economy as Barbara Boxer’s main focus and highest priority, she is working on bringing jobs back to California, aiding small business expansion and turning California into the hub of the clean energy economy.

Barbara Boxer is heavily focused on bringing jobs back to the United States, where she thinks they belong. In the last twenty months, the unemployment rate in California has unfortunately increased by 2. 4 percent to 12. 4%. [3] Due to the increase in unemployment, the current Senator has received backlash from her opponent, Carly Fiorina.

Boxer’s hard working efforts to decrease the unemployment rate will prove to be successful in the long run as this is her main area of concentration. Boxer states that she “wants to see the words Made in America again”[4] in her introductory statement during the September 1st debate against Fiorina. Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, was one to ship over 30,000 jobs to places such as India and China. Barbara Boxer strongly believes in taking tax breaks away from companies that ship jobs overseas, such as HP, and giving them to companies that are staying in California and other parts of the United States.

Boxer believes that “our nation needs to incentivize companies”[5]. In order to do this, Senator Boxer has supported numerous policies to create and sustain more jobs in the United States. In 2004, Senator Boxer proposed the creation of a jobs reserve fund that will institute a manufacturing jobs tax credit for companies that create jobs in the United States. The fund, worth 24 billion dollars, will also assist those who lost their jobs due to foreign trade and end the tax break for companies who move their operations overseas. 6] Next, Boxer supported the 2009 economic stimulus plan, which creates and retains over 3. 5 million jobs in America, with over 10% of those jobs in California. [7]

This stimulus has proven to sustain the economy in the United States. An analysis of the stimulus package, completed by a Democratic economist and economic advisor, concluded that the steps they took were necessary otherwise California with have been hit with another loss of 8 million jobs. Boxer has been criticized for her stimulus package to be too expensive, and perhaps it is however, it is believed that the sacrifices made today will better tomorrow.

Aside from corporate operations, Barbara Boxer has also supported a teachers jobs bill that will save over 16,000 educational jobs in California alone due to 1. 2 billion dollars in federal education assistance. Approximately 95% of children in California attend public schools, and Boxer herself was a product of the public school system. She believes that this bill will not only benefit the school system, which is important to the children, but also benefiting the economy, allowing various school districts in California to hire or rehire educational workers. 8]

This bill, which was referred to as disgraceful by opponent Fiorina, was deficit neutral and paid for by stopping tax breaks for companies who ship jobs overseas[9], creating a link with the 2004 jobs reserve fund. Not only is Barbara Boxer focused on working with large-scale associations and companies but Boxer is backing the small business sector as well. Senator Boxer heavily backs the small business jobs bill supported by the United States Chamber of Commerce.

The State Small Business Credit Initiative is a program stemming from the Small Business Jobs and Credit Act, which was recently passed to aid in increasing small business lending and borrowing. Boxer believes that “small businesses are the major job creators in our economy”. [10] 65% of California’s new jobs stemmed from small businesses in the last 15 years. [11]In 2006, there were 3. 4 million small businesses in California and two years prior, 87. 6% of the state’s net new jobs were created from small businesses. 12] Teaming up with Senator Jeff Merkley from Oregon, Boxer helped write the legislation, Bank on Our Communities Act of 2009.

This allocates up to 15 billion dollars to help recapitalize banks in the California community with the stipulation that it is used to restart lending to small businesses. This bill also allows tax breaks to encourage expansion. The correlation between the small business market and the unemployment rate is quite large. By Barbara Boxer taking initiative to increase lending and borrowing, these small businesses will in turn, create jobs naturally resulting in a steadily decreasing unemployment rate.

Aside from increasing lending to these small businesses, Barbara Boxer is also promoting growth for these very businesses in local communities. The Economic Development Administration helps to promote various private sector jobs in economically underprivileged communities. Job creation is encouraged through both local and state governments, post-secondary institutions and other public and private units. Senator Boxer is working to pass legislation that will reauthorize this bill in 2013.

This will also help decrease the large unemployment rate California has found itself in. Boxer, with the help of Senator Merkley, is also working on jumpstarting small business growth. The first year of operations for a small business is extremely crucial, critical as well as very expensive. Barbara Boxer has cosponsored legislation that will increase the tax deduction for beginning expenses to $10,000 from $5,000 and increase the phase-out portion of the deduction to $60,000 from $50,000 so more help is available for small businesses start-up expenses. 13]

By putting a strong focus on small businesses, Barbara Boxer is working at her goal to see the words Made in America again. Senator Boxer has made great attempts in helping California’s unemployment rate and economy but she believes that “a strong economy and a healthy environment go hand in hand”. [14] While fighting to increase the number of available jobs in California, Boxer is simultaneously promoting clean energy reform and it is the Senator’s hope to turn California into the hub of the clean energy economy.

Many may believe that Barbara Boxer supports extremist environmental groups; her opponent, Carly Fiorina, states her belief that Boxer may be the largest receiver of money from environmental interests. [15] As discussed in a debate on September 29, 2010, opponent Fiorina believes that California is falling behind in innovation but more specifically, energy innovation as the United States spends a significant smaller amount of time then various nations in the world. It is also noted that the United States is ranked 17th in the world for their research and development tax credit. 16] She believes that the federal budget must allot for more spending towards environmental research and development before the United States can become a forerunner in the energy economy. She believes that an effective solution would be to work globally with countries that are making great strides in this extremely vital subject matter. Although this may be the case, Barbara Boxer has pointed out that a presidential meeting between the presidents of the United States and China has already occurred.

Boxer thinks that California is a state that does not sit around and wait, and this is why the Senator is against Proposition 23; This proposition will appear on the statewide ballot and if it does pass, it will suspend AB 32, a law referred to as the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006. This proposition will freeze AB 32 until California’s unemployment rate decreases to 5. 5% or lower for four consecutive quarters. [17] Boxer believes that Proposition 23 is “a crucial bill” as Proposition 23 means halting the progress made to date on energy innovations. 18]

Already in California, Barbara Boxer has made progress by fighting for 17. 5 million dollars from the Obama Administration to implement clean-energy technologies in the California transit system. Senator Boxer has also written a Clean Energy bill that will create hundreds of thousand new clean energy jobs while addressing global warming and diminishing America’s dependence on foreign oil. Finally, Senator Boxer strongly supported the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

This act involves over 80 billion dollars going towards jump-starting the economy by creating clean energy investments resulting in clean energy jobs, making this stimulus the largest single investment in clean energy ever seen in United States history. [19] As stated earlier, some take Barbara Boxer’s views on the environment and her ties with so called ‘extremist’ environmental groups excessive but the current Senator is making great strides when dealing with the issue of global warming as well as strengthening California’s economy. Boxer believes that change cannot happen overnight, but rather in time.

Her actions may seem extreme, and may not sit will with some; however, the measures being taken are helping with California’s economy, the unemployment rate, global warming as well as energy research and development. Barbara Boxer’s platform focuses heavily on the economy, one of the most important areas of interest to the citizens of California. Striving to get out of a 13 billion dollar deficit and 12. 4% unemployment rate, Boxer is working at strengthening California’s economy by bringing jobs back to California, helping with small business expansion and creating a clean energy hub.

To do this, Senator Boxer plans on creating and sustaining more jobs the United States, providing initiatives to small businesses to reduce their start-up expenditures and to turn California into the hub of clean energy reform. Yes, Barbara Boxer has held this seat for two terms and although her opponent believes that no significant progress has been made, this is quite the opposite. Her methods to bring clean energy reform to California may seem extreme, but in today’s day and age, with the state of global warming where it is, extreme measures are what are needed.

Senator Boxer’s stimulus may be seen as expensive and an unnecessary expense but without it, 8 million more jobs would have been lost, further hurting the California economy. When looking both the positives and negatives of Barbara Boxer, it is a clear choice that Boxer is doing the right thing. Boxer is an experienced politician who is consistently fighting for Californians; but this cannot happen overnight. With Boxer’s previous senatorial experience and knowledge, it is very possible that under the Obama Administration, Made in America will once again become a reality.


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