Based on our research and solutions to our personas’ problems

Based on our research and solutions to our personas’ problems, we formulated three recommendations for the company.
Mothers have a lower budget, because a large part of their budget goes to their children, even after finishing the kids’ budget. This means that the mother does not have a lot of money to spend on herself, or she might go over budget. This basically means that the product made for a shopping mom, or any kind of mom, should not be too expensive. Therefore, we recommend the company to not make the smartwatch too expensive.
Mothers usually care more about the opinion of other mothers, than about the opinion of experts. Therefore, it will be a good idea for the company to work together with other moms for advertising, instead of working with marketers. This is because moms usually do not tend to trust marketers in the first place and secondly trust other moms more.
Since Eleanor is worried about her safety and the app offers a way to review the people you are talking to, we recommend the company to carefully look at these reviews and monitor them.


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