Bazaar Ceramics Essay

The Interview Sheet for Part 1 is attached to this document. For Part 4, the worksheets are also attached to this document. When you encounter references to a worksheet, complete the worksheet and then continue reading where you left off. Once you have completed all of the Parts (including all of the worksheets in Part 4), you may submit your work. Submission of Portfolio Tasks Your portfolio tasks should be submitted as a single zip file via the Polytechnic West AU website. Create a separate folder for each Part (I.

E. A folder for Apart, a folder for Apart etc).Put all of your documents for each Part into the folder and add all of the folders to the zip file. All documents (including HTML and images) should have student identification in the footer. Part 1 – Conduct an Interview You are required to prepare for and conduct an interview with the client to gain further information about the Business Requirements for the website.

You should: Contact your supervisor to confirm who you will be interviewing and when Review the Bazaar Ceramics information via the course website to learn about the employee


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