Beauty in Nature Essay

The universe has come to a point where there is no turning back ; where we can’t undo what is already done. We have forgotten the importance of the usage of natural resources we need to last. We have besides forgotten our duty to the universe. so that it can stay healthy and alive. I fear if we continue fouling our environment and non assist it better itself. we are traveling to hold nil towards the terminal. The universe needs a better topographic point for everyone to bask. no affair what populating state of affairs you are in. Everything relates to one another. H2O. air. energy. sun visible radiation. worlds. and specially animate beings ; we are all utile to one another. However. I believe that it is possible for us to better our populating state of affairs. and do our universe healthier to populate in. It is non impossible to make. but if everyone is willing to work together and get down doing alterations at that place will be a positive consequence towards the universe. We live and breathe toxic and mill pollution in our mundane lives without even recognizing the harm that we have caused. Every twelvemonth the ambiance thickens with air pollution and lakes are going more toxic with the waste that we dump. Not recognizing what we have done to the universe and what we are taking advantage of. should be the ruddy flag for us. stating us that we need to alter our populating state of affairss now. However. being asked to cut down on some of our resources that we use in our mundane life would be hard to make because some wouldn’t know how to last without them. We need the supplies that we are used to because it is what we know and what we are used excessively. On the other manus. what is the injury on seeking something new ; taking shorter showers. picking up rubbish that is around you in public countries. purchasing reclaimable pencils. or fictile bottles? Worlds are non the lone 1s who live on the universe ; animate beings are really much involved excessively. Animals need to experience safe ; they need a place to populate in. and cutting down trees destructing their places are non the replies. Animals suffer every twenty-four hours to happen a place. For illustration Polar bears are traveling nonextant because there is it excessively much heat in the ambiance. heat is get downing to run off the staying ice that is left for them. Forest animate beings are being forced to populate in different home grounds because trees are being cut down for shelter and life supplies for the worlds.

If the universe continues to cut down trees and do more land for people to populate on. there are traveling to be no trees left. Animals are defenceless against worlds ; they don’t have a voice as worlds do. Someone needs to talk up for the animate beings. and protect their places. Nature can be seen as a beautiful thing. yet we are killing off those beautiful things in the universe. We do non make it deliberately. but we are killing off our natural resources merely by populating our day-to-day lives. We are killing off our trees. so we can hold paper and money so we can pass more on paper. houses. and fire. When one tree falls. another should be planted. This can assist and we wouldn’t run out of trees. Cows. poulet. hogs. animate beings are acquiring killed off so we can hold nutrient on our home base. and have apparels on our dorsums so we won’t freezing during the winter darks. Even though we need nature to last there is ever a negative consequence utilizing it. There are many ways that we can better our universe. Although it might be hard to repair the harm that was already caused there is still hope for betterment. If we start off little and work ourselves to the top bettering the environment would go easier each twelvemonth. We should turn off the visible radiations after go outing the room. and put in detector visible radiations in every house doing certain that energy is non being wasted. We can cut back on our H2O supply when we are in the shower or rinsing the dishes and irrigating the grass. by puting a timer on when to halt. We can make new engineerings. so we are able to pull off the sum of fume that comes out in mills.

We can besides assist the environment by acquiring others to fall in beach killing. Having more people picking up rubbish can assist in many ways. Cleaning up the beach made me believe about the other things that can assist this universe to last a spot longer. It is non impossible to make because worlds are the chief beginning ; we are the 1s that need small something from everything and from everyone. It is non difficult to pick up unwanted rubbish around you at the park or the streets. it is rare when people do that but small things like that can alter a batch. Picking up a broken glass from the beach might hold saved someone’s pes from running into it ; picking up the burned gum elastic from the fire cavity might hold saved a bird from flooring to decease. One thing leads to another. everything affairs in life conditions if it is the smallest thing in the universe. Picking up rubbish in the beach made it look cleaner and made it look like a beach that people would bask traveling to. Traveling to the beach has encouraged me to travel back and bask the sound the moving ridges do when they hit the surface. The beach clean was a fun experience to hold because it can do you love nature even more by the odor or the sound that it makes. One can bask the position of the mahimahis when they pass by in small groups. traveling up and down as if they are stating hello and goodbye each clip their caput pops out. Protecting and basking the beach is of import because it is something that was created for us to bask the fresh air. and disregard the ugly in the universe. In decision. if we make little alterations now in the manner we live. we can avoid immense alterations in the hereafter. Scientists. authoritiess and persons must work together to get the better of this menace. Keeping the environment clean and healthy can salvage many lives babies. teens. and the aged. Cleaning Earth and doing it a better topographic point is non in nightlong procedure. it will likely take old ages to repair. but it is possible.


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